What is Text Message Archiving?

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Text messaging is increasingly being used by businesses worldwide today as a form of communication with their customers. Text messages are perceived as easier to deliver and have high open rates within five minutes than emails. This is because most people spend time on their phones, texting rather than checking and answering emails.

However, businesses also need to understand the importance of archiving text message communications. Text message communication is highly susceptible to data loss, which can be lethal to your business. Visit site and here’s everything you need to know about text message archiving and why it’s important.

What it Involves

Text message archiving involves preserving either read or unread text messages in digital archives for future reference. The messages are archived in a timestamp format for ease of access and retrieval when needed.

Text message archiving can be done on online cloud services or using software to store the messages’ content and metadata. These cloud and software applications allow the storage of SMS, Whatsapp messages, and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). However, various archiving services can offer custom text and call communication archiving.

Text message archiving applies to all device operating systems (OS) including IOS, and Android. When staff or business owners require a certain message, they can simply access the archive software or their cloud dashboard and search using various parameters.

Features of a Text Message Archiving Service

The service features a text message record that lets you access messages by phone number, date sent or received, and sender’s name. You can also search text messages sent from or with Whatsapp using the same parameters.

After searching and highlighting, you can retrieve it by either printing it in PDF format or restoring it to your phone’s message list. Also, there is often no limit to the number of text messages you can archive.

Importance of Keeping a Text Message Record

  • For Compliance

Most important is that government agencies in the communication sector have certain regulations that require keeping a text message record. The agencies can include the SEC, MiFID, GDPR, and FINRA, among others.

These regulations ease information retrieval during instances of claims and complaints from consumers. It is thus important to comply with such regulations for compliance.

  • For Marketing Purposes

Text message archives provide an excellent source of either previous or potential customer contacts that can be used for cold calling or SMS marketing. For example, if your business has a new item or offer, you can use the contact list on your text message record to notify them, thus increasing your sales chance.

  • For Litigation Preparedness

Another reason to keep a text message record is to prepare for uncertain litigation. Sometimes customers might make accusations regarding rude, abusive, fraudulent, or other incidents they claim violate their rights.

If such communication was through text messaging, keeping an archive of the texts gives you a competitive advantage in the courtroom if the claims are false. Text message archiving allows your business to preserve messages in an authentic and time-stamped manner for future references.

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