Theinternal customeris the employee of the company who must always be satisfied because he is the first brand ambassador. A disgruntled employee with no sense of belonging is a danger to the reputation of the brand. Here are some tips so you know how to achieve a lively internal customer.

Functional activities.

A human resources department has two missions, one strategic and the other functional. The strategic is the one that raises the long-term objectives. While the functional is the one that monitors the day-to-day tasks to help employees perform their functions in the different departments. Functional activities range from conducting performance reviews to resolving employee complaints.

Internal customer satisfaction.

Internal clients must feel personal and professional satisfaction working for the company. They should feel a safe work environment, where they are helped to achieve their professional goals, supporting their abilities, skills, talents and knowledge.

Performance management.

Employee management needs to be evaluated at least annually in order to determine if an employee deserves a promotion, is eligible for training, or a raise.

Investigation of the workplace.

The members of the human resources department must be up to date with all incidents that occur in the company. This saves homeowners attorney fees, penalties, and damages payments.

Benefits administration.

Health insurance must be up to date. It is very worrying for an employee to think that in a possible health situation they have to go into debt.

Effects of customer satisfaction.When an internal customer is satisfied with the management of the human resources department this is perceived. Employees are more productive, have high morale and feel more committed to the company.

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