Chatbots are here to stay


In short,a chatbot is artificial intelligence(AI) that can be programmed to answer questions from our potential customers within a chat at any time of the day on our website or social network. This revolutionary and promising technology allows companies to have a robot that communicates with potential customers to determine what their needs are.

If the bot can fix your specific problems, a human may not even have to get involved!

If the business needs to speak to a customer, it is as simple as jumping into the conversation to take over. If the customer wants to discuss their specific needs with a real person up front, the app can notify you about this immediately.

A recent study found that, of the potential customers who were surveyed, 38% reacted positively to chatbots, 51% were indifferent, and only 11% reacted negatively.

Chatbots can also help potential customers by recommending certain things based on what the consumer requests. For example, when someone messages you about their new products, the chatbot is programmed to respond to the request by sending a link to your website containing their latest product offerings, or it could send new product options directly to the consumer within the application. If the potential customer likes what was sent, they can make a purchase right away without leaving the app.

This could be a great way for you to reach out to your potential customers. Consumers may view your use of messaging apps and chatbots as modern, empathetic, and personable as you will be providing a personalized customer experience. This technology is already being adopted by many companies such as Saphora and CNN.

Live chat on websites

With the rise of chatbots in messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, we are also seeing the technology being adopted on other platforms like websites. The ability to chat with our potential customers through our website is not a new concept.

On many websites, when a potential customer lands on a page, they are greeted with a welcome message asking if there is anything that can be done to fill their immediate needs. The conversation continues in the same way as in a messaging app, either with the chatbot or with a real person (via live chat).

Communication through a messaging app using chatbots or setting up live messages on your website may or may not be the right direction for your business.

If you want to test this technology on your website, I leave you thislinkso you can test one of the bots that I personally use for some of our clients and conversions have skyrocketed from the web.

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