What time should I post on my company’s facebook?


While you are reading these lines, almost 2 billion people are using this social network right now, and your company is still not present in it?

At present, this social network enjoys an importance that has managed to unseat traditional media and that also allows us to interact directly with our user by creating conversations, obtaining opinions … that help us improve our products or services, so yes Your company still does not have a professional profile on this social network, you see running to create one!

Facebookis the social channel where we can find our target audience, however, its management sometimes is not easy for us because we have a minimal reach, less virality than we expected … For this, inSERSEOin addition to having specialists in Social Media among our main services and also oriented and directed toSMEsat aLow cost price, we want to give you today some keys to improve your results.

Before we start we must ask ourselves some questions:

  • Who are we addressing?
  • What are the tastes of our target audience?
  • What kind of content are we going to publish?
  • When are we going to do?

Today we will focus specifically on this last question since Facebook never closes its contents flow24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so choosing the best moments is a key aspect that every company should know.

Depending on thecompany profile, the audience we are addressing, their behavior, their tastes … will establish their connection hours. For example, if we have an online stationery business aimed at students, it is very likely that their connection hours are first thing in the morning before entering class, at lunch and at night.

At a general level, the data that is extracted is that it is better to always publish on weekdays, especially on Thursdays and Fridays, which is when moreviralityis obtained because users experience a longer connection time and a better attitude towards the arrival of the weekend that can be translated into “Likes”. On the other hand, the best times to launch our publications are around 9:00 am, between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm and late at night around 9:00 pm

One of the great advantages of Facebook is that it reveals this data to us in a very detailed way, so it is possible that we know the “prime time” of our brand.

The average duration of a publication on the timeline is barely 3 hours, so it is very important to analyze this aspect and publish at the times when we are most likely to be read.

Now, how can we know the behavior patterns of our users? As we said before, Facebook gives us the possibility of knowing the specific statistics of our community in its ”Statistics” section. Inside here we can find indicators related to the moment the page is updated, that is, the scope, the number of people who have viewed a post, their interactions, times it has been shared or number of comments.

It is also possible to check when our users are connected, both by time bands and by days of the week. This is especially relevant if we also have a physical business since in “Local statistics” we can see, depending on the location of the company, demographic information of all those users who are nearby, such as: sex, age and how and when they access Internet.

In addition to this very useful tool, there are also someapplicationsthat can guide us on the best time to post on Facebook, such as Social Mention.

However, we know that if you have a company what you should do is dedicate yourself to what you know how to do and leave these types of tasks to professionals like our specialized consultants atSERSEOin which we thoroughly analyze each social profile, optimize it and develop a strategy with which to achieve the proposed objectives. Thanks to our business model that is succeeding not only in Spain but also in part of Latin America, it is already possible to have aCommunity Managementservice, among others, totally personalized, professionalized but at a Low Cost price , so do not hesitate to contact us.

In these times, it is possible to reach a large number of people through social networks, so these tools are perfect for small and medium-sized companies since only on Facebook we have more than 1.65 million active users every month , a figure that also continues to increase every year. It can already be considered another mass communication medium in which companies must present their brand to make themselves known and be able to segment to reach potential customers. This also helps us bring traffic to the web, help position our website in search engines and be able to connect with people interested in our products or services.

As you can see, there are many reasons why your company should be present on Facebook with good management by acommunity managerwho knows how to get the most out of the profile. And this is one of our most demanded services because it is also one of the ones that generates the highest conversion at the sales level and with enormous potential also for small and medium-sized companies. It is normal that you cannot access advertising budgets to appear in media such as television but luckily social networks do give us the possibility of being able to access millions of people around the world, in a segmented way to our business interests and in a way economical and tight.

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