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Internet marketingis what is in vogue today and knowing how to carry it out in the correct way will surely increase the capture of leads and will be able to make you generate sales either directly, by e-commerce or by telephone, which is what we will discuss in this article.

You should know that internet marketing is part of digital marketing and like any sales strategy you have to define the objectives you want to achieve with the implementation of these strategies, we invite you to readhow to define your digital marketing strategy objectivesthat can help you not only trace the route you want to follow in digital marketing, but can also help you with the strategy you want to take in telephone sales.

This is just a little of what you need to know to make your sales by phone a success, you will be delighted to know that the internet offers tools so that your salespeople are fully equipped to follow up on customers that may mean sales through use. of the telephone, one of these tools is the use of the CRM with which you can monitor the sales process of your customers and how your salespeople are doing their job, to learn more about this consult:how to use crm to increase your sales ?andwhat is a crm and why do i need one?

Whether you’re on your mobile phone, at home, or at work, the following are 8 helpful telephone etiquette tips that everyone should always use.

How do I close more sales by phone?

1. Always identify yourself at the beginning of a call

A) When you are in the office, always answer your phone saying, “Good morning / Hello, Accounting Department, Sandy Smith speaking.”

B) From your cell phone, state your name or just say Hello. “Hello, Sandy Smith here.” Don’t answer your phone by saying something like “yes” or “yes”.

C) Whenever you make a phone call, you should always say your name and the name of the individual you are calling. Example: “Hello, this is Sandy Smith from ABC Incorporated. May I speak to Mr. John Doe?”

2. Pay attention to what the tone of your voice sounds like

Don’t sound overly pushy, pushy, or overly anxious. It is very important that your tone conveys confidence and authority. When talking on the phone, don’t lean back in your chair.

Tip: During your phone conversation, stand up or sit upright in your chair. Use a tape recorder when you are at home to privately record your own phone conversations. Then you can hear the way it sounds to other people.

3. Think about exactly what you are planning to discuss and say before making your call.

It is always important that you have a plan of action before making a sales focused phone call.

Tip:Write down the questions you need to have answers and the topics you want to discuss. Anticipate any problems and even think about what to send to voicemail. You must plan so that your message is as specific and direct as possible. Ask the individual to answer specific questions or alternatives. Don’t just say, “Hi, this is Sandy, please call me back.” At the very least, state the reason for your call and what you would like to hear from.

4. Don’t let interruptions happen during your phone conversations

Don’t have side conversations with other people around you. The individual who is on the phone does not perceive what is happening in his environment, it is important not to bother him with this.

Tip:If you have to interrupt your conversation, tell the person you are talking to, “Please excuse me for a moment, I’ll be back.” After returning to the call, say, “Thanks for waiting.”

5. Especially when you are leaving a message, speak slowly and clearly

Don’t use idioms, slang, or broken phrases. Always leave your phone number in your message, including your area code. Speak slowly and repeat your phone number at the end of your message.

Tip:Try to practice leaving your phone number, saying it out loud slowly, the way you heard a telephone operator speak.

6. Get into the habit of putting your cell phone on a vibrator.

Every time you enter a training class, theater, restaurant, meeting or any other place where others would be disturbed or the purpose of your visit would be interrupted because your cell phone started ringing.

Tip:If you expect to receive an important phone call, inform the other party that you are going to be in a meeting for a specified period of time and let them know that you will monitor their message indicator and apologize for the meeting so that they can return their call.

7. Always use a low tone of voice and even when speaking into the telephone receiver

Especially when you are talking on your cell phone while in public, be sure to monitor how loud you are speaking.

Tip:Move the telephone receiver slightly to your ear so that you can hear yourself speaking. Find out if you are speaking too softly or too loudly for the other person to hear you. A Bluetooth speaker can help here as well, allowing you to speak with the voice in the room and this means not having to speak directly into a headset.

8. Don’t let other activities distract you while talking on the phone.

Talking to someone else, working on the computer, eating, chewing, or shredding papers. Most important of all, while you are driving do not talk on a handheld cell phone. Get a speaker or headphones for your car.

Tip:Be sure to treat each caller with the utmost respect and courtesy by giving the person your undivided attention.

Remember that phone calls work best when you have your contact information and you know they are interested in one of your products, that’s what it is about when we execute adigital marketing strategy.

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