Artificial intelligence and inbound marketing

Artificial intelligence

Although many do not like Artificial Intelligence or (AI for its acronym in English) it is already a reality that is changing the world. And despite the fact that the fear of machines taking over the world is real, it is time to question the true advantages and disadvantages of using Artificial Intelligence in ourInbound Marketing strategy.

Theinbound marketing is the most popular methodsof moments for their good results, such asincreasing organic traffic to your site by positioning. This is the reason that large companies are implementing it in their strategies.

The advantages of artificial intelligence in marketing

Personalized and relevant preferences

If you have used Netflix, you have probably already realized these recommendations. Predictive analytics based on previously obtained information help companies better understand (and predict) what their users want to consume.

This super powerful tool helps you stay one step ahead solving problems that your client may have. It is also useful to collect data on the behavior and preferences of your customers, in order to offer themcontent that is attractive to them.

Cost savings

Highly linked to the previous point, artificial intelligence would allow messages (as well as suggestions) to be more personalized depending on the user, so it is expected that by 2020 85% of interactions related to the client (at least virtual realm) will occur without the help of any human.

Simplification of strategies and efforts in Inbound marketing

As we already mentioned, being able to interpret the behavior of users and predict their next move is one of the great advantages of artificial intelligence and that is that it will also be able to streamline marketing strategies since it will be able to distinguish who will bethe most likely subjects. have to become buyers, making our efforts focus on a more feasible segment than on others that will only waste our time

Personalization, personalization, personalization

We already know that we will be able to identify potential buyers and users thanks to data obtained through their previous purchases and activities, now thanks to that information we will now be able to create specific products for specific clients without the need to do a market study.

Disadvantages of using Artificial Intelligence in marketing

Interactions with bots

There are people who are bothered by the existence of programmed messages since it gives them a feeling of disinterest towards the client.In addition, it can still become very obvious when a machine answers us instead of a person and the confidence that has taken you for years to gain to be seen beyond a logo, can collapse.

Computers need humans

If there’s one thing that makes us creatives proud (or at least makes us feel a little bit more confident about the future) it’s that computers can’t change their minds or use their imagination. Creativity is a highly human element and while artificial intelligence offers solutions it has not yet been able to replace creativity or human ingenuity.

Today there is great faith in mathematical algorithms and computers, and although their calculations are accurate, human complexity should not be reduced to the understanding of statistics and formulas. There are certain problems that numbers alone cannot solve. Our ability to grow, change, and create is unmatched by any other computer.

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