CouchTuner Alternatives Websites for 2020

Do you like watching online T.V shows and a lot of movies? Well, services like Netflix are paid and not everyone can afford them. Moreover, these services aren’t available in a couple of places too.

Most people see free videos on YouTube but YouTube only shows free content. Because of if peoples are able to see premium video content on YouTube then they download it using YouTube Downloader.

So what to do in that sort of scenario? CouchTuner is a website that helps you in watching free T.V shows and movies. There were reasons why CouchTuner is unblocked now.

What is CouchTuner?

Similar to some other services like Netflix, Hulu, and others, CouchTuner provides a great experience for watching various shows and TV channels.

Let’s say that you want to watch your most favorite T.V show but you don’t have Netflix or Amazon T.V available? What will you do in a scenario like that? CouchTuner is a great service that provides daily updates of your favorite T.V shows. Not just limited to T.V, the scope is wide.

This makes CouchTuner a great service for watching movies and T.V shows free of cost with the latest update. So let’s talk about the main features of CouchTuner.

Features of CouchTuner

Coming over the features, CouchTuner has a neat and clean design on the first look. This is important as many other T.V websites are not as clean as it is. You get a clean yet minimal design choice of website.

The number of categories it provides are:

  • V series.
  • Features series.
  • Popular series.
  • New episodes.

There are all sorts of T.V shows all across the website. The features of CouchTuner is that it lets you watch the latest show without much of a hassle. There are ads but you have to compromise that at least.

CouchTuner itself does not stream any show, however, it is connected to other video servers like OpenLoad and Mp4 upload.

Considering all these features, CouchTuner is one of the best streaming services that you’ll ever find. But there are still problems with it so we are going to find Couchtuner Alternative 2020.

CouchTuner Alternative websites

1) Solar Movies

Being one of the best online streaming services, Solar Movie is a perfect CouchTuner Alternative 2020. The website itself is totally cool and is well designed for watching almost any content.

The website isn’t limited to the T.V shows but you can also watch the latest movies along with it too. One of the best features of Solar Movies is that registered users can rate shows and movies. Solar Movies does not store any of the content on its server but it’s stored on third-party. Therefore, Solar Movies is not even illegal to use.

2) PutLocker

Being the OG movie and T.V show player, PutLocker has been used by a lot of older users. It’s still one of the best CouchTuner alternative websites to use until this date.

PutLock has everything from T.V shows to movies. Therefore, if you want a perfect alternative to CouchTuner, then Putlocker is another choice. There are a lot of mirrors available on the site so that you can watch content without having to worry about a single issue.

Along with some of the best Hollywood movies, PutLocker also provides TV shows and movies from Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, and lots of other countries.

3) New Episodes

As the name suggests, New Episodes has everything to do with watching the newest episodes of T.V shows and movies. One of the best features of New Episodes is that it shows the users, a whole report of what episodes have been aired this week.

This makes New Episodes one of the best CouchTuner alternative websites you’ve ever watched. Moreover, you do get the option to browser alphabetically and I think that it’s a cool feature that allows easy retrieval of your shows. That is why New Episodes is one of the best alternatives to CouchTuner.

4) Daily TV Fix

Daily TV Fix, as the name says, fixes your daily need for T.V. Some people really love watching T.V shows and I can understand why. Shows can be entertaining in the sense that everyone is fed up with their everyday life, they want to see something new.

Using Daily TV Fix, you can completely forget about CouchTuner. You can search for content using the convenient search bar and indexing is pretty powerful too.

There are a lot of mirrors that you can use to watch movies and shows on. So you don’t necessarily have to worry about any broken links and stuff like that. The process is simpler as it gets. Considering all these aspects of Daily TV Fix, it’s a perfect Couchtuner Alternative website.

5) Primewire

Primewire is another CouchTuner Alternative that you can use to watch the latest TV shows without worrying about any sort of subscription fee.

The movies and T.V shows are available on multiple qualities so you can choose the one that fits right to your needs and the internet. The users rate these mirrors so that you have an idea of what mirror to choose and which one is the best.

If you want to enjoy Primewire to the fullest, it is recommended that you should make a free account to enjoy this service to the fullest. Therefore, Primewire is also a perfect CouchTuner alternative in 2020.

Is CouchTuner Safe?

There has been a debate about CouchTuner and we all know that. The answer to its safety is that it’s fully illegal. Considering the aspect that you’re illegally watching someone’s content that should be paid for free.

This makes CouchTuner ultimately, an unsafe and illegal website.

Therefore, accessing sites like these comes with a risk too. The site is bloated with ads and these ads might contain malware. So you should be extra careful when using this app. We recommend you using other couch tuner alternative websites.

Many users have also reported low-quality videos with no management on the website. The site was blocked for sometimes but now CouchTuner is unblocked.


Of course, watching free T.V shows and movies is cool but we still need to consider the security threat it possesses. CouchTuner is not all good news. That is why we’ve shown you one of the best alternatives to CouchTuner today. Our top pick is Solar movies as the website is professionally designed with no issues, unlike CouchTuner that is bloated with ads and malware.

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