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Desitorrents Proxy Sites

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Before we know about the Desitorrent website and its proxy sites, let us understand what torrenting is.

Torrenting uses the BitTorrent Protocol to download and share large things, such as movies, music, books, etc, rapidly and efficiently. The torrent client uses this file to see who else has the actual file he or she wants to download and gets data from all computers by slowly adding small bits of the file to their computer by downloading it. Torrenting is illegal as it is often linked with copyright infringement because it allows users to share copyrighted materials without proper authorization.

What Are Desitorrents?

Desitorrent was a popular website that was provided specifically for Indian content enthusiasts. The website had an extensive collection of Bollywood and regional films, where an active community of users shared and discussed their favourite content. It was a convenient way to explore and enjoy Indian entertainment for people living outside India with limited access to local content. Users downloaded files using BitTorrent technology.

However, Desitorrent is banned in India by the Government to combat piracy and to protect the rights of copyright holders. Accessing Desitorrents is illegal in India, which can lead to legal consequences.

Why Use Proxy Sites?

Proxy sites are alternative Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) that mirror the original website’s content.

  • Proxy sites help detour restrictions inflicted by network administrators or internet service providers. If a website or service is blocked in our country, a proxy site can allow us to access it.
  • The user’s identity and anonymity are protected while surfing the internet. If we route our Internet traffic through a proxy site, the Internet Protocol (IP) address and other information are hidden from the websites we visit.
  • Third parties cannot intercept and monitor our online activities, as proxy sites add an extra layer of privacy by encrypting our internet traffic.
  • Some countries or specific regions restrict access to websites or streaming services, which can be resolved by using a proxy site located in the desired region.

Not all proxy sites are trustworthy, and it is recommended to use secure proxy sites to ensure online safety.

Legal Considerations

It is important to consider legal implications when we use torrent files, which are as follows:

  • The copyright holders or creators inflict fines, penalties, and potential lawsuits who engage in copyright infringement.
  • Patent materials or works such as movies, sound recordings, musical compositions, music, books, software, games, and television shows cannot be downloaded or uploaded without permission from the copyright holder, as it is against the law in many countries.
  • Intellectual Property laws guard the rights of creators and copyright holders. These laws are violated when copyrighted content is uploaded or shared without permission.
  • Several platforms, online stores, and services offer licensed and authorized content to access and enjoy digital content.

List Of Desitorrents Proxy Sites

Proxy Site 1

Proxy Site 2

Proxy Site 3

Proxy Site 4

How To Use Desitorrents Proxy Sites

Step 1: Choose A Proxy Site

We can find desitorrent proxy sites on search engines or through popular proxy site directories. The proxy sites have to be reliable and secure. We can click on the link to access the proxy site after we have found the suitable desitorrent proxy site.

Step 2: Accessing Desitorrents Via Proxy

Once we have reached the proxy site’s homepage, we can enter the Uniform Resource Locator(URL) of the deterrent website we want to access.

We can browse and search for the content we want to download once we are in the proxy site of the desitorrent website.

Alternatives To Desitorrents Proxy Sites

VPN Services

VPN is the full form of a Virtual Private Network. It permits the end user to create a secure network connection using public networks. VPN helps to pass through geo-restrictions by allowing users to appear as if they are using the internet from a different location. It encrypts our internet traffic and shades our online identity by protecting sensitive information such as passwords, financial data, and personal details from hackers intercepting it. The users’ real IP address is replaced with the VPN’s server address.

Other Torrent Websites

We can download various files from the following licensed websites, as it is against the law in many countries to download or share copyrighted material.


While Desitorrents provided a platform to access Indian content, it is necessary to prioritize legal and authorized sources for enjoying entertainment. Desitorrent faced legal challenges due to copyright infringement and was banned. Various legal streaming platforms include Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, and Amazon Prime Video. Hungama, Amazon Music offers a wide range of Indian Music, movies, and Television shows.

With the rise of these easily accessible streaming services, torrenting has faded from public life, and we might even wonder, “ are Torrents still a thing?”. But still, it is always best to seek legal advice to make informed decisions regarding torrenting and file sharing. Understanding the legal considerations can make us enjoy the benefits of torrenting while avoiding legal trouble. 

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