Digital Content And Technology Trends Will Change Business Marketing 2019

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Use of technology and content will change business marketing in 2019 which can already be seen in the marketing campaigns followed by different businesses nowadays. You will see the significant rise in more personalized campaigns and content.

Why? This is because there is a significant rise is the use of smart phones and other mobile devices such as tablets and laptops. These devices, in spite of the smaller screen enable the users to stay connected to the internet and interact with different websites and brands on the move. This has raised the level and quantum of engagement from the users.

This point towards one important thing that is: mobile devices are all set to take up a big chunk of the digital pie and therefore businesses will have to increase their digital ad spends in 2019.

The modern scenario

Apart from the ones who are used to live a very isolated and deserted life, everyone seems to be living a digital life in a digital world. It is for this reason you will see that of late there has been a significant evolution in the business marketing strategies taken in many different forms.

  • Now marketers focus more on finding ways to stay on top of the prevailing trends and stick to those places where they find most of their consumers.
  • Interestingly, it is also seen that they are also focused more on brand messaging as that provides them with the opportunity to create a better and stronger impact.

These changes in approach in business marketing are the result of the use of latest technologies that helps them to establish a faster and stronger connection with their consumers, enabling them to make a better and more informed buying decisions. It in turn helps the businesses to make more sales and increase their business revenue.

Technology and its use have helped the businesses to create a human engagementwith their customers through their marketing campaigns on the basis of different factors such as their:

  • Emotions
  • Interest
  • Habits and
  • Buying behavior.

Technology has also helped them to design campaigns that create a real impact on the individual customers as well as their lifestyle.

Use of social platforms and influencer marketing

Of late, there is also an increased use of the social platforms noticed by the business marketers and site like and others, which was initially used to connect with people. These savvy marketers have realized the fact that modern business success does not rely on the ways to become the best brand and to offer the best product. Rather, it is more about creating a brand that will resonatebest with their consumers.

In come the influencer marketing into existence and the use of social media to the extreme. This has proved to be the most useful and powerful marketing policy for any business to be successful, online or offline. Influencer marketing is:

  • A practice that started in 2016
  • All about building a real connection between the influencers and the consumers
  • Limited by the fact that modern day consumers preferably link influencerled content to brandled ones too easily
  • Highly authentic and can establish a human connection much too easily.

It is for all these reason that influencer marketing is at the heart of brand messaging for any business that wants to do it wisely and successfully. All they have to do is connect with the right influencers and use the right tone to make them work on their behalf.

Digital content technology

There will also be a wide use of digital content in marketing and once again technology will help the businesses in this aspect as well. One of the most significant digital contents that you will see being used rampantly by the businesses of this day and age is mobile ads.

According to the survey conducted in 2017 and report published by eMarketer it is seen that:

  • Mobile ads will make up 62%of the entire digital ad spendsby 2021 and
  • The rise in mobile ad will boost the overall digital marketing spend increasing it to nearly $1.21 billion shortly.

This shows the steady rise in digital content and technology, which is a trend that will increase the scope of different brands irrespective of the industries and segments they come from. These ads have the endless potential to connect and engage with the target audience of the company.

In addition to the mobile ads, there are several other technologies that are also used and will be used this year and beyond such as:

All smart business brands have taken to these trends and are planning their moves strategically for 2019 and beyond. There is an increased focus on building consumer connections and experiencesthrough different digital means and products. These help these brandsto get a good opportunity to stay ahead in the race and provide the desired competitive edge to their business.

The distinct advantage

Technology and digital content provides a distinct advantage to the businesses. To name a few of these advantages, it is as under:

  • It fuels modern day marketing with dedicated and highly effective sales strategy that will boost their business revenue in turn
  • It also helps the brands to stick to the primary purpose of marketing which is to deliver valuable messages to the right customer and at the right time
  • It increases the chances of the customers to make a more informed buying decision that increases the chances of making a sale even more and most importantly
  • It helps the companies to stretch theefficiencies of their business marketing efforts to find ways and alternativenetworking and algorithms that will make their future marketing strategies stronger and more effective.

All this will help them to keep up with the fast pace of the online environment that comes with more variety of options with all the necessary data in hand in realtime. With this data they can create more significant digital contents to boost conversions and increase their sales. Hail, Technology!

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