Does my company need to make an app?

Being present on the network is no longer enough, you have to be and also reach the feeling of the user or potential customer. The great challenge for any company with an online presence is to generate an emotional customer/company bond.

It is evident that from theory to practice there is a great distance (and surely a great investment), but the effort of the companies must be in accordance with the remuneration or margin that they can obtain in return. After all, one of the mottos of marketing is that you don’t sell products but emotions. How to get it?

Some online marketing strategies such as gamification have been very successful in recent years thanks to the way fun is mixed with sales. Applications such as Appcelarator Titanium , in addition, have allowed programming to no longer be a stumbling block and many more companies can consider the investment of creating an app . Time and money are no longer an excuse, and the challenge of exciting the potential client is a very attractive goal for many experts in marketing, communication or advertising.

Do all companies need an app?

Obviously not, this jump will depend largely on the associated strategy and the objectives to be achieved. The big question must be: would a mobile app help me achieve corporate objectives? Or even in its alternative stage in which it would not serve to achieve already established objectives, and then we should ask ourselves: would the ROI of an app be positive?

After a decision of this type, others related to the platform would come to design the app, such as the aforementioned Appcelerator Titanium, or a design from scratch more adapted to what is really sought to be achieved. In any case, the need to make an app or not in a company will depend on its business model and the previous study of objectives and ROI that can be done in this regard.

And if you want to encourage you to study what possibilities there are behind Appcelerator Titanium to lower the cost of creating an app, I leave you this free guide where it explains how to create apps with this tool.

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