Recommended Prank Call Apps of 2019

Prank Call Apps

Voicy Phone

The Voicy phone app is exclusive for iOS devices which lets you change your voice during a phone call, making for an excellent tool for pranksters.

With the unique custom effects offered, this Prank Calling App will let you fool just about anyone.

It delivers ultimate customization control as you can make your own unique voice by mixing and matching with the ones offered.

The possibilities are endless, some of the combinations we recommend are fast mobster, drunk chipmunk, chipmunk robot, and chipmunk.

So be as creative and wacky as you like!

Voice Changer with effects

Do you enjoy making regular prank calls with prank scripts already planned? Then perhaps all you’ll need is a competent voice changer.

Pranksters are often deterred from prank calling as many have a hard time changing their voice convincingly enough over the phone.

Voice Change with effects eliminates this problem as it allows you to change your voice during a live call, substantially decreasing the risk of you being discovered.

The variety of sound effects you can convert your voice into are substantial. Some of these include Alien, Helium, Giant, Zombie, Deep Voice, Cyborg and many more.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can also import pre-recorded sounds.

Hack Prank

With the Hack Prank app, anyone can pull off a perfect phone hack.

Hack Pranks main feature enables you to customize your own message to show up on your victim’s screen unannounced. This is regardless of what app they’re using at that time.

Once the message pops up, it will appear as if the phone has been hacked.

With it’s a realistic app design which resembles a command prompt, all you need to do is set the timer. The message will then appear at the designated time you put in.

The hack is achieved once the app is downloaded and used on the victims phone.

Ownage Pranks

The Ownage prank app contains pre-scripted calls which are sent once the person answers the call. With an intelligent AI software which can analyze conversations during a call, unsuspecting victims will think it’s a real person.

There are over 100+ prank scripts available which are categorized under different subheadings. Find the exact prank script you want by looking at your preferred prank genre, some of these include Family, Dating & Love, Neighbours and the Newest Pranks featured.

Simply do the following:

-Choose a pre-recording from the many prank scripts available

-Select a contact you wish to prank

-Call then tune in live

Once calls are recorded, it can be shared with the Ownage Pranks online community where the very best prank calls are featured. This is known as the Pranks Hall of Fame, and all submissions are welcome.

Security is also a top consideration, after all, being exposed is simply not an option. The Ownage Pranks app uses your wifi connection to make calls instead of your phone company. Caller IDs are consequently hidden, ensuring your anonymity.

Prank Call Panda

Prank Call Panda is a bit different from your regular pre-scripted prank calling app and is versatile as well as hilarious.

Apart from creative prank scripts, scripted replies are available and can be sent at your discretion.

This means you can deliberately interrupt someone constantly throughout the phone call. No doubt by the end you will have one highly annoyed prankee.

Some examples of prank scenarios include:

‘Tiny Tim- I scratched your Car’- Your victim is told by a young boy that his car has been scratched.


‘Delivery Service’- Jake from ‘Best Wishes Delivery’ is a pizza delivery driver outside your victim’s house. Even though your victim will insist an order hasn’t been, Jake will not take no as an answer.

One the call ends it is automatically recorded so you can share the fun with friends and family.

If you’re worried about your Caller ID being exposed then have no fear, calls are not made by your phone company are instead used by their servers.

Caller ID Faker by Mathrawk

This app prioritizes efficiency and simplicity over too many features that are simply unnecessary.

Caller ID Faker lets you change your caller ID, making it an ideal spoofer app which is useful for prank calls.

Your security and protection from being discovered are it’s the main concern so you can enjoy your phone number hidden when making calls.

By using a third-party service, your phone number is completely hidden. You can also select the number you wish the call to come from. Simply enter the contact number you want to the prankee to receive once the call is answered.

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