Dozens of business ideas to earn money from home on weekends

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If you are afraid to start your dream business or if you still lack money to develop it, a good alternative is to start a business in your spare time, such as weekends.

As it is a weekend business, the investment of money will be little and the business can be started from your home. Another advantage is that you will not leave your current job and thus your income will not be diminished.

But what business can I start? What business can I develop from my home?

There are actually hundreds of businesses that can be done at home. For example, I want to inform you about this book that you can buy via Amazon that details 101 Business Ideas to Do at Home.

The book is in English but the index is very easy to read directly from Amazon in order to adapt your ideas to the context where you live.

These are simple ideas but they can inspire you to develop your own. Among them are those of:

1. Be a Wedding Planner.

2. Take care of bicycle fixes or repairs.

3. Repair Appliances.

4. Organize parties.

Just to mention a few. The idea is that you see what you like the most and start from there to explore what you could do on the weekends.

From this blog I am going to try to develop several of those business ideas that I hope will help you.

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