Emberify’s 7 Instagram New Updates That Are Useful to Thrive Your Business

Instagram New Updates

Today, Instagram is the most powerful and mind-blowing platform to get immediate viewers’ attention. The platform continuously rolled out new features and quickly emerged as the best entertainment and marketing tool in a short period. With its quirky features, Instagram users can create fascinating images and videos. An endless stream of content on the platform entices and provides an enjoyable experience for users. It tends to grow Instagram users up to nearly 2 billion. With a massive range of people, more business people started to use this platform. It states that there is heavy competition to reach your targeted audience.

Remember that with time the platform is continuously introducing new features that help create, edit and schedule content more easily. So, as a marketer, keep an eye on the latest features to use them the most to ensure your business growth. Besides the effective usage of the new features, most businesses are trying to buy instagram reel views to boost their brand’s reach. Below we’ll discuss the few new Instagram updates that are helpful to grow your business remarkably.

What’s New on Instagram?

Are you excited to know what’s new on Instagram? Of course! As a savvy Instagram user, you are already familiar with the updates on the platform. Here have discussed some new features to help some users to be aware of that.

#1 Dual Camera Feature

Instagram announced a new dual camera feature in July 2022 to help users to take photos using the phone’s front and back cameras simultaneously. The back-facing camera image will show up on the full screens, and the front-facing image will display in a small size. Remember that the dual camera feature access only while recording Reels. It is obvious to capture memorable, funny moments using the dual camera-ready feature. So, if you have created the craziest video using the dual camera feature, try out Emberify to boost your content reach.

#2 Interactive Stickers

Once you click on Instagram Stickers, you will explore more customized and exclusive collections that help engage your audience best. At first, Instagram Stickers are available for the Stories feature. However, with the improvement, the stickers are used in the Reels to interact highly with and engage the customers.

  • Poll: Find out the opinions of your following easily using this sticker.
  • Quiz: Interact with your audience with an exciting quiz, provide valuable information, and teach them new.
  • Emoji Slider: Let you know how your audience feels about your content.

#3 Auto Captions for Stories & Reels

Well, you probably know that Instagram Stories and Reels are the most widely used feature on the platform. Of course! If you are a business using these two incredible features will help to build your business value and nurture long-term relationships with your audience. Therefore, whenever you share Instagram Stories or Reels, you must write up and include a captivating caption.

Now, the auto-captions are available for Instagram Stories and Reels. Once you click on the auto-captions, the video gets converted into text. So that users can watch content without sound, it helps to engage more audiences.

#4 Find Creators

Instagram offers an excellent opportunity for everyone to be more creative on the platform. It led to an increase in the number of creators. First, let you know that the creator is the person who presents the videos in a more unique and exciting way. They create the most impressive posts that many users will like. For a brand, it is easy to use the find creator feature to pick the perfect creator to showcase the product. In the find creator features, you can easily filter the creators by gender, age, follower count, and location. This feature is only accessible to business accounts and creator accounts.

#5 Professional Dashboard

As a business, evaluating your Instagram profile’s performance is essential. Now, the Professional Dashboard feature made it easy. Using this feature, you can get deeper information about your account’s activities. In the Professional Dashboard, many tools are available that let you know your account performance, Instagram Insights, promotions, branded content approvals, Instagram shopping, and saved replies. As a result, many businesses get a clear perspective on their account performance and take the desired action with Emberify to improve their marketing efforts.

#6 Scheduling Tool

Now, it’s easy to schedule posts at a specific time with this post feature. You can choose any time and date on your device’s advanced settings to set the content to publish on the specified date. If you want to schedule your posts on Instagram, open the application, navigate to Advanced Settings, and tap on Schedule to set the time and date. With this setting, you can automatically schedule your posts at the right time and take your marketing campaign to the next level. More social media marketers are taking advantage of this application and upgrading their techniques to ensure business growth.

#7 Grid Pinning

Do you want to pin your posts to your IG grid? If yes, this grid pinning feature is best to effortlessly pin your photo or Reel on the top of the profile. You can do this by choosing the posts that you like to pin. Then, tap on the three points in the upper right corner and click ‘Pin to your profile.’ Once you have done this, the posts you pin will appear on your IG grid.

It is one of the compelling features that benefits you by

  • Getting the user’s attention for your promotion.
  • Present your event.
  • Highlight your viral content or most liked content.

Final Verdict

Instagram has not just only grown as a world-famous social media platform, but it has been evolving a lot and emerged as the best entertainment and marketing platform. With the effective utilization of Instagram’s new features, upgrade your content and marketing strategies and triple your exposure. At the same time, there are more new features available. So try the interesting features to level up your marketing game and promote your brand. As a result, with the advancing efforts, you can stand on top among the competition.

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