The essential data you must know to conquer Twitch

conquer Twitch

Today, we can say without fear of being wrong that Twitch is one of the social networks with the greatest momentum at the moment, a streaming platform where you should be if you want to reach more users, increase penetration and reinforce your brand’s assets thanks to to two-way communication in order to reinforce mental availability.

Twitch Overview

1. Twitch is the new television . The young audience in particular consumes much more content through this social network than on a conventional television channel.

2. It is a streaming service that stands out for being direct, interactive and in real time , as the platform itself indicates.

3. Communication is multidirectional . The public writes in the chat while a broadcast is being made and communicates both with the announcer and with other users.

4. Twitch creates community , and, therefore, all the strategy that is proposed must be directed in that direction.

5. Every day it has more than 30 million views .

6. There are millions of unique creators. It is not necessary to be famous to have your own program.

7. It is the platform with the highest amount of viewing time , with 1.3 trillion views.

What is the difference between Twitch and TV?

8. Twitch users are a much more engaged audience , paying to see content that interests them.

9. When a brand manages to differentiate itself from others, the audience will pay more for the content and will drive the creation of new pieces.

Why your brand needs to be on Twitch?

10. “White label” content does not work on this platform. It is very important to create quality content .

11. Real- time events are achieving great engagement. Some, like Ibai’s “Evening of the Year” are generating great expectations and are a great opportunity for brands.

12. Twitch seeks to create new exclusive and different formats.

13. Streamers support each other, further increasing interaction and community building.

14. The top shares generated on Twitch have over 39.5 million Google searches.

15. Live chats can be used as a Focus Group to analyze the status of a brand among the Target users.

16. Twitch events reach over 8 million people live . A classic Barça-Madrid reaches 3 million, so this type of action on Twitch generates a great impact as a brand.

17. The streams have an average of more than 690 thousand users . And the ones that work best are games.

18. e-Sports competitions have less impact than events and streams.

19. It is very important that the product is part of the action , that it appears in the live broadcast. And if it is highlighting any of its benefits, even better.

20. There are different ways to appear as a brand. Sponsorships, moments of product consumption or launch of live discounts record the message in the mind of the public.

21. On Twitch it’s not enough to be a sponsor. It is also very important to have an active presence during the broadcast .

22. The streamers that perform best in one activity do not have to excel in another. For example, Ibai is the undisputed leader in events, while in streams others like AuronPlay, ElRuius or ElXokas are ahead. It is very important to know how to choose the channel based on what he does .

23. In open world games (Egoland, Tortillaland, etc.), the brand can enter as a character and interact with the public . This generates great engagement and creates great opportunities.

24. Co-branding works better and better . Partnering with other brands generates a greater impact and increases the chances of success.

25. It is very important to go beyond branding and clearly show the benefit of the product. Tell the public the reasons why they have to choose your brand.

The formula for success to enter as a brand in this social network

26. The action has to be in real time (IRL).

27. You have to bet on disruptive events , which go beyond showing your brand (customize accessories, show product benefits, exclusive interviews, etc.).

28. Twitch is collective. Must have an activation involving multiple streamers . Individual actions do not generate as many benefits as the participation of several in the same event,

29. Joining efforts in co-branding actions increases the potential of a campaign when the budget is tight to launch a single brand action. Joining efforts improves the notoriety of the participating brands.

30. Associate the action with the launch of a new product to arouse the interest of the public .

31. Ask streamers to share the event on other social networks , posting pieces of content on YouTube, reels on Instagram and TikTok, or talking about the event on Twitter on the day of the broadcast.

32. On the day of the direct it is also important to talk as a brand during the broadcast.

33. The target audience for e-Sports is a very young Target . 60% of the audience is male, 75% of these belonging to Generation Z (under 24 years old) and 23% are millennials (up to 34 years old).

34. When you bet on a streamer on Twitch, do it based on the data. Make sure that the budget you are going to allocate generates a good ROI and you do not waste money.

35. It doesn’t matter what kind of brand you are. Twitch is a field of opportunity with great potential whatever the activity or product you offer.

At digitaltechupdates we help you create the best strategy on Twitch

36. Our Icarus panel analyzes which have been the most successful events of the year on the platform.

37. We also anticipate, and we can know what the next actions that will be relevant are , so that you can prepare your strategy with guarantees of success.

38. We analyze the performances of each streamer to show KPI averages . So you can find opportunities and invest in channels that fit your budget.

39. We have real data on audience peaks to find out the best times to appear as a brand.

40. We have a tool that allows you to download all the chat and locate the comments related to the brand . In this way you can measure the interaction and the reach that has been achieved in a specific stream.

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