How to Prepare for Infosys Placement Test and Interview

Infosys Placement Test

Confused about How to Prepare for Infosys Placement Test and Interview? Take a dive into our guide to make yourself ready to land a job at the tech-giant!

There are a lot of candidates who are eyeing a job at Infosys but due to a lack of proper strategies, they are not getting potential results.

Hence, it’s important for the candidates to know everything about the placement and interview tests that are conducted by Infosys so that they can outperform there. Also, Infosys mock test would be a great way to prepare for the interview.

However, it all depends upon the preparation strategy that you follow. Hence, we are here with this blog.

Before giving the placement test and interview, take a look at this preparation guide to get positive results for your candidature.

Infosys Placement Test and Interview Process

Before giving any test at any company, you should have all the essential information about the placement test and interview process.

If you are having all knowledge of the Infosys mock test and interview process, then it will be easy for you to get good results.

  • Online Test

To get started with the Infosys Placement test, you will need to pass the online test which is of the duration of 95 minutes.

During the 95 minutes of the online test, you will be asked a variety of questions which will be based on different topics like aptitude, reasoning, puzzle, etc.

  • First Round Interview

Once you are done with the online test and successfully passed it, then you will be invited for the first round interview which will be based on what you have mentioned in your resume. They will ask you questions that will be related to your past works, current skills, and future mindset. All the questions that will be asked will be related to you and how you answer them.

  • Technical Round

After clearing the first round interview, you will have to appear for the technical round which will be taken by one of the employees of Infosys who is currently working on some project.

They will simply ask you questions which you will have to code by sharing your screen. The question that the recruiter asks will be based on the data structure.

  • HR Round

When you have cleared the technical round, then the HR round will happen which will be taken by the HR of the company. They will be evaluating you on the basis of your mindset, body language, communication skills, way of dealing with problems, etc.

During the interview, the recruiter will ask you different questions to evaluate whether you will be a good fit for the company or not. The recruiter only does this to check your mindset, intelligence, and cooperative nature.

Once they have successfully evaluated you, then you will be told whether you are going to get a job offer or not.

A lot of candidates have given interviews for different rounds after passing the online test. However, they got rejected because they didn’t prepare themselves correctly for the interviews.

Take a look at the preparation tips that you should follow before giving the placement tests and interviews at Infosys.

Infosys Preparation Tips For Placement Test and Interview

  • Preparation Tips For Placement Test

A lot of candidates were not able to clear the online test due to different problems which were time issues, correct answers, topics, etc. This is because they have not prepared themselves correctly for the online test.

When you are appearing for the online test, then pay attention to the questions that are asked mostly. As the tests are conducted the whole year, there are more chances that the questions which come will be similar.

For the online test, it is important for you to work on the timing and correctness of the answers.

Simply, if you want to crack the Infosys mock test, then you will have to start practicing for questions that are asked from different topics in it. You can easily do this by solving different questions regularly.

How to Prepare for Infosys Placement Test and Interview

  • Preparation Tips For Interview

1.Fluent Communication Skills

When you are going to appear for any round of interviews, it is necessary for the candidates to have fluent communication skills.

By having fluent communication skills, you will be able to answer the questions that are asked by the recruiter, without any hesitation. Also, there will be more chances of you making a good impression in front of the recruiter.

Communication skills are very important whether you are going to give an interview at Infosys or for an onsite interview at Amazon.

2.Coding Skills

For clearing the technical round, it’s necessary for the candidates to have coding skills.

The recruiters may ask you to code some problems within a specific time. All you have to do is to write a clean code that has the most efficient solution.

If you will write clean code that has no errors and is written in a pleasant way, then there will be more chances for you to get selected.

3.Your Mindset

You have to keep a positive mindset and body language to impress the recruiter during the interview because the recruiters only hire those candidates who have cooperative nature and can bring a positive vibe to the company. So, make sure to go there with a positive mindset as it will help you in creating good vibes in front of the recruiter.

4.Be Confident

When you are giving your interview, then try to be confident with your answers. Many times the recruiter tries to confuse the candidates with the answers that they have given, so at that time, be sure and confident with the answer.


Before going to give an interview, you should research the types of questions that are most asked there, so that there will be more chances for you to prepare beforehand.

6.Learn From Other’s Mistakes

There are a lot of candidates who share their interview experiences on different platforms. When they share their experience, they tell about the mistakes that they might have done during the interview. So, analyze their mistakes, and try to not repeat them during your interview.


Getting placed at a company like Infosys is not hard work if you are following the proper preparation guide. We hope that you are ready to prepare yourself with our preparation guide.

You can follow this guide even if you are preparing for onsite interviews at Amazon.

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