Google Ads: 6 reasons to invest

Google Ads
Why invest in Google Ads for consulting? Discover 6 reasons to invest in Google Ads and strategically bid on keywords, which can bring traffic to your website or generate conversions for your consulting business.

But what is Google Ads and why is it so important for your brand or business?

Currently, there is a wide variety of tools for creating online ads in Google Ads, depending on what our objective is and the communication channel we use to address our audience, we will have centralized options for our needs.
Among these options areFacebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Adsor evenWhatsapp Ads for businesses, which are interesting to activate ads that will be displayed on the user’s wall or on web pages and blogs if they are ads that are They hire through affiliation.
Likewise, Google Ads is Google’s online advertising program, which allows you to create online ads to reach people at the exact moment they are interested in the products and services you offer.
In this same sense, Google Ads is a product that you can use to promote your company, sell products or services, make yourself known and increase traffic to your website.
The main advantage ofGoogle Adsis the fast and practically certain return on investment. This happens because the platform’s sponsored links appear according to the keywords searched by users and selected by advertisers.
But what makes it most important or relevant is that the ads we publish inGoogle Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords)are shown in the number 1 search engine in the world:Google.

Discover: 6 reasons to invest in Google Ads and reach potential customers

1. Precisely, Google Ads is to reach potential customers:

The acquisition of new clients or “Generation of leads”, will increase sales and will make our client portfolio grow. And since Google has millions of websites, pages, blogs and its own spaces such as YouTube, Gmail or the Google Display Network that reaches up to 90% of Internet users worldwide.
We have the possibility of reaching our clients based on their demographic data, through the use of keywords and with remarketing actions. In addition, the adequate and strategic investment of our online presence guarantees that any of our Google Ads campaigns are much more optimized.

2. You pay in Google Ads for strategic and quality clicks:

With pay-per-click advertising, you only pay for keywords that you strategically bid on. For example, if I own a hotel and I want to generate new leads for “Hotels Near Me”, I can bid only on those keywords and will only be charged when someone clicks my ad and visits my site to make a reservation or order. budget for a travel plan.
According to the Google Mexico Economic Impact Report , over the last 5 years, businesses earn an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads. On top of that, when we want to end the campaigns, we can do so without cancellation costs.

3. Different channels to capture the potential lead in Google Ads:

ThroughGoogle Ads, there are many available ways that we have to reach our potential customers:search ads, graphic ads, ads through YouTube or through mobile apps.
Everything will depend on what our objective is:

Search ads

Throughsearch ads, our ads will be displayed along with the search results that users do, while they are looking for products or services related to our company.

Display ads

Thanks to this type of ads, our customers will be able to see our ads on web pages and apps on different terminals. It should be noted that inGoogle Adsthe ads are displayed on nothing more and nothing less than more than 2 million web pages and more than 650,000 apps. Our clients will be able to see us at any time and place.

Video ads

These ads will only be shown to those users that we want, paying only when these users watch it.

App ads

They are the easiest way to spread our app among Android or iOS users through Google.

4. You compete on par with large companies:

That is, you can compete in the big leagues and on top of that you have all the tools to score aHome Run.
Unlike the TV ads of the 1980s and 1990s, where a business needed a hefty budget to get on the air, you can get started with Google Ads for as little as $300. In theory, you can start with a lower budget, but $300 is the minimum we recommend for our clients. The reason behind the $300 budget recommendation is so we can generate enough clicks and data to make changes and improvements to drive conversions.
If you have the right tracking and can justify your return on investment with a metric called ROAS (return on ad spend), you can double your ad spend. That is the beauty of Ads. In fact, you can track performance, and once your campaigns are profitable, you can continuously invest more. If you don’t see results, you can pause it with the click of a button.

5. Complement our SEO positioning strategy:

Reaching the top positions in the Google search engine throughSEO positioningis a perfect online marketing strategy. The notoriety that our company achieves is very high, but the work behind it must be constant over time. Developing a content marketing strategy involves dedicating resources and, above all, time. To this we must add the work in social networks, email marketing and control all the technical aspects of the website.
The perfectway to carry out a positioning and web traffic generation strategy is the combination of SEO and SEM.

6. Segmentation, measurement, monitoring and REPEAT:

Another advantage of investing in Google Ads is that we have various segmentation and measurement options, in which we can choose those options that best suit our needs.From the language, geographic targeting or keywords, to being able to show our ads on other devices, use ad or call extensions, etc. Here the secret lies in a correct configuration of the campaign and in the choice of keywords.
Also allowing us to effectively monitor campaigns and control how they are used, distributed and project how effective our budget continues. With the cross-measurement capability of Google Analytics, we obtain the reports of our campaigns with personalized metrics for our brand objective.
Can you think of another form of advertising where the purchase intention is greater? Your potential customer is literally typing what they want into Google and your ad will only be filled based on the keywords they select and they will only be charged when someone clicks on your ads.
If you do a good job of managing your search term reporting and adding negative keywords, you can drive incredible quality traffic to your site. Be sure to bid wisely using broad match, phrase match, or exact match modifier to boost quality traffic.

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