Best Apps to help you stay De-stressed and Calm

Are you facing lots of stress? Is your mental health stable? Well, we all undergo such moments when we feel pressure and don’t know how to overcome such situations. However, you don’t need to worry because there are applications that will enable you to overcome such situations and stay calm. Click here to learn more

Mental Health and Meditation Apps

  • Calm

The app is available in the App Store, and the purpose of the app is to check on moods, offer breathing exercises, offer meditation ideas, and give sleep stories. You can access the app for free for one week; then, you can subscribe at a fee for premium services.

The Calm app is customized according to your needs, and you won’t find troubles using the app.

Through the app, you will learn a meditation course offered by Sam Harris, a philosopher. Sam explains to you the process of meditation and how to keep your mind at ease without necessarily having to listen to music.

You will enjoy different speakers and authors who will give you directions to follow until you become better.

  • Simple Habit

A simple habit is an app that guides you according to what you are interested in. The topic can be about relaxation, anxiety, happiness, among many more. The best part is that you can select motivational talks on the appropriate time that suits your schedule. The app is available for one week for free, but later on, you can subscribe to premium services.

You will enjoy the soothing voices from the instructors at your convenient time.

  • The Slowdown

Although slowdown is not an app, it is a fantastic mindfulness tool available for free. The app offers daily soothing poetry for about five minutes. Tracy K. Smith, the host, narrates the poems in a comforting voice while paying attention to the style and era.

The slowdown is advantageous when starting your day. However, you can use it in the middle of your or at the end of your day.

  • Headspace

Headspace app offers two services, waking up and moving around. In some cases, the app can combine the two mindfulness activities with other exercises such as cardio. Enjoy the app for free for the first two weeks, and then you can subscribe later.

The advantage of headspace is that the app offers a wide range of meditation ideas to relieve you from stress.

Health-Tracking Apps

  • Garmin:

Garmin helps you to track the miles you run and monitoring the levels of stress. The application can evaluate the heartbeat and suggests when you need to rest, or when you should practice breathing exercise.

  • Apple Health:

Apple health app monitors your mental health data and your daily habits. The app uses resting vs. active energy and sleep data to evaluate your health status. The best thing about Apple health is that you can connect it to other fitness and health applications to analyze your whole body.

  • Google Fit:

The purpose of Google fit is to enable you to set activity goals and use WHO- World Health Organization references to analyze healthy reminders. The app has an option to let you set reminders for health-related activities.

How to listen to your body and mind

Our body’s functioning depends on how we treat it. Although it is crucial to stay positive, and with a light heart always, there are moments when we can’t stay calm. For example, the outbreak of coronavirus can place someone in a tight situation. Many activities are stand-still. In such circumstances, many people undergo stress and depression. Such pressure can be in the form of a mental, economic, or physical state.

It is under such conditions when we need to listen and respond to our bodies effectively by using mindfulness techniques to overcome our fears.


We all have a life to live to the fullest, but there are those moments we feel low due to some situations or conditions we find ourselves in. In the end, we end up having fears, anxiety and feeling stressed. In such cases, you can make use of the above applications and overcome your fears.

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