How to buy water purifier – A Complete Guide

How to buy water purifier - A Complete Guide

A person can live without food for one or two days, but it is impossible to live without water even for a day. Health depends a lot on what a person eats and drinks. It is said that poor, polluted, or contaminated water is an important reason for most of the common health problems. This is the reason why present homes and offices give importance to the need for purified water and search for the best water purifier in the country. RO purification is said as the best purification process to remove the deadliest impurities that are dissolved salts and heavy metals from the drinking water.

Buy water purifier

Just walking to any of the stores and buying any of the water purifiers can’t assure you with purified drinking water for your home. You should select the best RO water purifier for your home, and it is not an easy task. A water purifier is not like other appliances in the kitchen or your home. The health of the entire family is dependent on the selected water purifier. So, your selection should not go wrong. Here is the complete guide on how to buy the best water purifier for your home or office.

Know the quality of water

You should know about the quality of water to select the right RO water purifier. The hardness of water is an important factor in selecting the type of water purifier. At present, most of the reputed brands provide water purifier demo and water test. You can apply for a water test by visiting the online store and filling the request form. The most amazing factor is that reputed water purifier providers of the county provide you with free water test at your place. This helps you know the quality of your water without taking any sort of risks to choose the right type of water purifier.

Quality of the RO membrane

You should give importance to the quality of the parts of water purifier. RO membrane is one of the important parts of RO water purifier since it defines the type of impurities removed from the water. Pore size of the membrane plays a key role in filtering the impurities. The membrane can filter out metallic ion and salts like lead, mercury, arsenic, fluoride, iron, etc. from the drinking water. RO purifiers from reputed brands make use of the mineral RO technology to remove dissolved impurities and bacteria, and virus from drinking water.

Filters used in RO purifier

Apart from RO membrane, RO water purifier also makes use of other filters. Each of the filters is used at different stages to remove different types of impurities contained in the water. Pre-filters are also used in RO water purifier to maintain the life of the RO membrane by removing chlorine and other sediments that are clogged in the RO membrane. Reputed companies make use of the combination of leading water purification technologies like RO+UV and RO+UV/UF to make the water safe from every possible impurity. UV purification technology is used to kill harmful germs, bacteria, and other micro-organisms.

Minerals in purified water

One of the biggest drawbacks of RO cleaning is the removal of essential minerals. The traces of these minerals are so important to keep the body healthy. But the small pore size of RO membrane allows only pure water to pass through it and minerals are stopped due to their slightly bigger size. Hence you should select a RO water purifier that comes with technology to retain minerals in it. There are reputed brands that make use of advanced technology that not only makes the water 100% pure but also makes it rich in essential minerals too.

Maintenance and service of purifier

RO water purifiers require maintenance at frequent intervals to make it work properly to deliver purified water for your home or office all the time. All of the filters need to be replaced after a period of 5 to 6 months. Hence you should know about the service network and quality of after-sale service of the company before purchasing a water purifier. Many of the customers have come out with negative reviews related to after-sales service of the water purifier. Hence make good research and select one of the reputed brands who provide excellent customer service in the market.

Certified product

This is one of the important factors to consider when you buy a water purifier. Do not believe completely on what your neighbours or sales representatives say above a particular product. And keep in mind that none of the companies will say that their product or brand is inferior to others. When you make an online search, you can find that every company claims to have the best in water purifier to provide safe drinking water for you. At this stage, you may find it difficult to select the best RO water purifier. Here comes the importance of certifications issued by the renowned laboratories in the world. So select the brand that is honoured with several certifications and awards.

Storage capacity

It is important to take a good decision on the storage capacity since it determines the quantity of water stored in your RO purifier. Storage capacity becomes an important factor in the homes where power cuts remain as serious issues. RO water purifier with 8 to 9 litres of capacity is an ideal choice for a small family. You can select the storage capacity based on the size of your family.

Ease of operation

Pure drinking water makes the easiest way to stay healthy and hence the water purifier should also be simple and easy to use. Water purifiers from reputed brands are made almost free from manual intervention. The best water purifier comes with automatic functions and can purify the water from different sources including tap water, bore wells, and municipal supply in your offices and homes.

Now it is your time to bring home the best water purifier from one of the reputed RO water purifier brands in the country.

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