How to Choose Best Cloud Dedicated Server

How to choose best Cloud Dedicated Server

A web hosting is a type of service that runs the internet to allow individuals or organizations to make their websites accessible via the internet. The web host or web hosting company provides space on servers that are owned for use by clients. There are two types of web hosting services such as paid and free hosting. These can be further divided into shared, reseller, VPS, dedicated, managed, collocation, cloud and clustered hosting services.

A dedicated server is one processor that is connected to a network. All processing power is dedicated to one person or organization. That is, computer resources are not shared by others. You have complete control over the machine and you are free to run whatever software you want on that computer.

Dedicated Servers can be divided into two primary parts—

  1. Managed: This procedure is in managed servers – generally, managed Dedicated Servers can offer features such as 24*7 help desk, 24*7 monitoring, operating system updates, virus, and malware scanning, spam filtering, kernel updates and DLL files, etc.
  2. Unmanaged: Unmanaged Dedicated Server means that you are the one who controls the server. Therefore, you are responsible for server maintenance.

Benefits Of Cloud Dedicated Server

  • Performance: Due to handling large amounts of information, you can trust the server for its performance and it will not display any interruptions even if your website witnesses heavy traffic.
  • Control: Whatever type of server you choose, manage, or unmanaged, absolute control is yours. You can change the software according to your needs and even improve services based on your prerequisites.
  • Flexibility:Cloud dedicated hosting servers can install any core software using Linux commands, through the Windows operating system, along with any caching software that can improve server performance.
  • Reliable: Because you are the head of the server, you can control the minimum downtime, changes, and improvements as needed.
  • Secure: In a Dedicated Server, you can adjust the requirements according to your needs, it is the safest server.

Things You Should Consider While Choosing A Dedicated Cloud Server

Choosing the perfect Cloud Dedicated Server for your needs is very important in ensuring the success of your business. With so many dedicated server providers on the market, selecting a dedicated server hosting can be a difficult task. Following are some important factors that you must consider when choosing a dedicated Cloud server!

  1. The scalability of your application-When choosing dedicated hosting, the main factor to consider is scalability. You need to see how quickly you can add new servers and application scalability. Some applications are difficult to measure for many devices. To run one database on multiple servers may be difficult because it requires high-level synchronization. In the cloud, scalability is easier because you can clone servers or add a load balancer to drive traffic to multiple servers can help.
  2. Bandwidth and connection speed-Dedicated servers are usually used for critical operations, high traffic web sites and applications, for which a large amount of bandwidth is needed to work to meet expectations. How much bandwidth you need will depend on your site’s traffic. When you consume a lot of bandwidth and the predictability is low, it’s better to choose a plan that includes a lot of data and encourages billing that is not measured.
  3. Datacenter-The data center plays the most vital role towards your server’s uninterrupted running of server, the location and quality of the data center where your particular server resides will have a wide impact on various factors such as security, acquiescence, reliability, and performance, it must be close to the top of your list when it comes to source of consideration. You need to check the location not to fall in the high seismic zone.
  4. Network quality-When you choose a Dedicated server, you can decide where to place it. Ideally, your server should be physically closer to your end-users to serve them better and faster. Data transfer speed will depend mainly on the quality of the network offered by your hosting provider. To find out more about network quality, check the Network Operations Center provider to test the network. Most hosting providers allow you to do this.
  5. Managing Dedicated Servers– Another important factor to consider is Managing Dedicated Servers. Cloud Dedicated servers allow individuals or businesses to run their servers without having to manage the physical aspects of the server. You should check to see how far you can set the server yourself. When you run an application on a specific server you must have the expertise to maintain that server. You must check whether you can access remote management solutions.
  6. Monitoring-Monitoring resources and organizations play a vital role that ensures better server management. Dedicated servers usually offer a variety of instruments that allow timely tracking of data usage and server performance.
  7. Backup service-When choosing a cloud dedicated server, you should check the provider offering you a strong backup service. You must have the freedom to adjust the backup service to ensure you only back up important files. Consultation with a hosting company might be a good way to find out what backup conditions they can offer you.

Why choose eWebGuru Dedicated Cloud Server?

eWebGuru is most trusted Dedicated CloudServer provider for Windows and Linux operating systems. With special expertise and powerful data center settings, eWebGuru helps you meet response time requirements without fail.

Some key features of eWebGuru Dedicated Cloud Server

  • When you choose eWebGuru dedicated cloud server, you get full resources from one server. You don’t need to worry about other websites that are clogging up the CPU and server RAM.
  • Choosing eWebGuru Dedicated Cloud Server guarantees maximum uptime for your website.
  • eWebGuru’s Dedicated Cloud Server allows clients to tailor the server to the client’s unique requirements for CPU, RAM, disk space and software.

Bottom line:

Virtual Private Server is similar to Dedicated Server Hosting, it covers only works on a limited scale. With VPS hosting, your information and data are secure, and you enjoy a level of isolation or independence. There are managed, semi-managed and unmanaged packages of VPS. VPS is cheaper than Dedicated server, as you can customize VPS completely to suit to your needs.

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