Keys to prepare a budget


One of the decisive factors for the client to choose one budget or another is the price . For this reason, it is important that you include all the details about the product or service you offer. In case the client receives two quotations with similar prices, he will probably choose the one that includes more features.

Another important aspect is to take care of the format, design and content of the document. As several budgets are usually requested, the first visual impact counts. Do not forget to include an exhaustive description and follow a logical order so that your potential client can clearly see the characteristics of the product or service you offer, as well as the established terms and prices.

Below we tell you the data that any budget should have , regardless of whether you offer a product or service:

  • Company data:  in this section you must include data such as the name, company name, NIF, fiscal address and contact information. In short, all the basic data of the company that offers the product or service must appear.
  • Client data:  the main data of the client must also appear in the budget, whether it is a natural person or a legal entity. Among them, you must include the name, ID and address.
  • Description of the product or service:  the next step is to make a description with the concepts and benefits for which the potential client is going to pay.
  • Cost:  in this section you must include the itemized cost without VAT, the percentage of VAT that is applied and the final amount with VAT included.
  • The form of payment:  another piece of information that must be specified in the budget is the method of payment: in cash, by card or by transfer. In the latter case, it is important to include the account number where to make the payment, as well as the amounts and terms to pay the different payments of the contracted product or service.

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