3 Expert Tips on Selecting an SEO Agency for Your Company

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When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), messing up your first attempt can have a severely adverse effect on the future of your site’s SEO. Getting it right the first time is vital to your success. If you’re reading this article, it is likely you are on the fence about hiring an SEO agency, or you want to employ one but haven’t yet taken that step.

This article will cover the three most important tips when working through the selection process. Countless SEO agencies have postings on the web, so we understand the struggle to find one that works for your business. Lucky for you, a simple process will aid you in your search.

1.Determine your business goals

The first step when hiring an SEO agency is to consider your business goals. This typically requires much introspection, reflection, and vision for the future. Be realistic with your goals. You don’t have to know everything about SEO to be specific and realistic with your goals.

Why should you determine your business goals? The answer is simple. If you don’t know where you want to go, how will you get to any destination? In other words, you have to pick a target to hit a target.

When you understand your business goals, helps potential SEO partners to better understand your business. An SEO agency can help a business that knows its goals far better than one that doesn’t. If you are hesitant about hiring an SEO company, Marina Turea from Digital Authority Partners wrote an excellent article about SEO benefits.

2.Find agencies that can help you achieve your goals (book calls)

When you have determined the goals you’d like to achieve with your SEO partner, you can officially start searching. We recommend creating a list of 10-15 potential SEO partners. Then, rank the agencies using a score of 1-3 stars. Ideally, you’ll have five 1-stars, five 2-stars, and five 3-stars. It’s all right if your rankings are a little messy.

Let’s talk about the different metrics to judge other SEO companies. Here’s a shortlist you can use: (in order of importance)

  • Perceived communication level
  • Case studies and testimonials
  • SEO of the agency itself (A company that sells SEO should have good SEO itself, right?)
  • Price

We know that not every agency keeps a public price list, so you may have to book a call with a company to evaluate the price. We’d like to emphasize that price should be one of the last factors you consider when choosing SEO agencies. It is important; but it should not be the determining factor when deciding between two agencies.

Next, start booking consultations with potential partners. You can book as many as you like, but the process can get quite repetitive. That’s why we recommend booking with your top five or even top eight selected agencies to save time. If you’ve done your rankings correctly, talking with the leading group is the best use of your time.

After you have booked a few of the calls, begin to prepare for the consultations. You should have questions and notes ready. When on the call, find out if the agency has worked with any businesses similar to yours. It’s the best information you can acquire. Ask about the nature of the project, the results, how long the project took, and any other facts you think are relevant. If they can help a business similar to yours achieve SEO results, they might be one of your best choices.

3.Hire agencies that communicate with you effectively

When you’re in the process of choosing an SEO partner, you must communicate with them every step of the way. Communication is how the two of you can combine visions and achieve outstanding results with SEO. All of the best agencies list communication as one of their core values. They write that for a reason.

Without effective communication, a mammoth project like SEO is doomed to fail. Since SEO is a long-haul process, there’s always a pattern of organization, communication, and iteration involved. You’ll want to include all three in your SEO partnership if you’re going to see success.

An agency that always keeps your business in the loop of current strategies, plans, and calendars is one you’ll want to hire and keep around. SEO doesn’t happen overnight, so it’s important for both parties to maintain consistent communication about schedules, metrics, and expected results. That way you will have a smooth, successful partnership for the duration of the work.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right SEO agency comes with much pressure. So much hangs on your choice. It’s a significant financial investment, and you want it to be successful and run smoothly. The good news is that you are already more than 50% there if you’ve read this article top-to-bottom. Now, all you have to do is go out and start applying the tips.

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