The mistakes when creating a mobile app that you should avoid

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There are many applications on digital platforms. Hundreds of them are released every day. If we want to create and launch a mobile app on the market, it must not only attract the attention of users, but it must also be optimized.

To create and launch an app and be successful, you must avoid making the following mistakes:

1. Replicate your website

A mobile app should not be an exact copy of your website, or the website of your product or service. If you want your page to look good on mobile, have aresponsiveversion ready . We must understand that each navigation element fulfills a function, and that of your app is to offer the user a different experience, adapted to the size of their screen. Make it easy for him to navigate if you don’t want him to uninstall your app.

2. Not testing your app

Once the application has been developed and passed the first phase of internal testing, we tend to think that it is ready for launch. However, we, who created the app, may overlook certain malfunctions. Therefore, it is important that someone tests it before marketing it. Better if it is outside the project, since it will be impartial and offer an objective view. Take advantage of their opinions to correct mistakes and enhance their strengths.

3. Not provide a user manual

After a lot of work on your mobile app, you will surely make the mistake of thinking that anyone can use it. You find it to be very easy to use and completely intuitive. And you’re probably right, but to guarantee the success of your application, it’s best to empathize with the user and provide documentation to learn how to use it, just in case.

4. Force users to register without knowing what they will find

The main objectives of creating an app go through its monetization or to generate as many registrations as possible. This can lead us to make the mistake of forcing the user to register to access the information, but it can be counterproductive for us if we do not show our strengths. Especially if we use extensive form models, which can cause the user to leave the app.

5. Not supporting her with marketing campaigns

Releasing an app to the App Store or Google Play does not guarantee its success. We must not make the mistake of leaving it in cyberspace without paying attention to it. To guarantee its success, it is essential that we support it with marketing campaigns and that we reinforce our communication campaign. It is essential that we forget about clicks and focus on user loyalty (also known asengagement).The longer they stay in our app, the greater our success and the more they will recommend us.

If you want to create a mobile app that really works and guarantee its success, our recommendation is that youtrain as an app design professional, so that you not only understand the purely technological part, but also prepare yourself to integrate business development techniques.

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