SEO tips if you want to do it without PAYING

SEO tips

What tips can you give me to do my own search engine optimization that I can use without having to hire a professional for it?

Suppose you have a blog, most likely now you understand the importance of blogging to generate quality traffic to your business.

Do you realize how to update your blog posts to be more internet friendly? Most likely, many bloggers refuse to harness the great marketing power of their websites. In fact, an ongoing report fromBlogspotshows that while 60% of organizations have websites, 65% of these blog owners have not updated them.

Here are six simple tips to improve your websiteSEOand get your blog to appear in Google search results (SERPS)

Take your survey.Key phrase research is critical to improving your site. Most likely, you usually contain key phrases without knowing it.

And how do I do that research? Here are the6 that you can use to improve your SEO

In any case, there are a variety of devices and methods for finding related phrases that are important to your blog post that you may not have considered.

Use keywords throughout your post. Once you have focused on two or three profitable and important keywords, it is essential to place them where they will have the greatest impact on people and Google robots. Try to incorporate them in the points provided:

  • Title
  • Headings and subtitles
  • Basic meaning
  • Closing section
  • Grapple (content that hyperlinks to other related pages on your site)

A warning:do not go crazy to fill with key phrases, which is the saturation of filling an article with so many keywords that it is difficult to read. This will not only interfere with your blogging, but it will also penalize Google.

Improve your photos.At that point, upload a photo to your blog, be sure to include key phrases in the alt text, and fill in the other content field with a concise proof of the photo.

Refer others. When you consume other bloggers or articles, include a link to the information you are referring to.

Besides the fact that there are good bloggers, you can still be successful and get abacklink. Getting qualitybacklinksis an important law for any website hoping to rank higher on Google results pages.

Give your readers the opportunity to subscribe to your blog. It notably incorporates the RSS or Feed subscription buttons and offers readers the possibility to read your publications by email whenever you can.

This allows your blog users to take a look at your latest posts without intermittently checking your website for new content.

If you want to try, sign up to get my publications month by month.

Use social mediato increase the excitement of your blog posts. As private companies, you can use Facebook, Twitter or other social networks to bring quality traffic to your blog and if the guidelines with good segmentation you can get some potential customers to subscribe to your blog with current and potential customers.

Why not submit your blog content to these social networks to increase your online presence and get traffic to your blog?

Free tools likeBuffer make it easy to post your content to social media – you can even schedule your posts in advance!

By following thesebasic SEO tips, you can drive your highest SERPS rankings, highest web traffic, and highest customer conversion rates. .

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