Spanish high schools

Spanish high schools

What are best high schools in Spain?

After completing secondary education, when a Spanish child reaches the age of 16, he must start preparing for university entrance and spend another 2 years in the Bachillerato program. We can say that this is another 2 years at high schools in Spain.

Not only Spanish schoolchildren can enter best high schools in Spain, but also those who have confirmed the presence of secondary education in their country through the homologation procedure. Advice: immediately after receiving the Certificate, start this difficult and long process.

But just enrolling in this preparatory program at Spanish high school is not enough. Before entering, the student should think carefully about what he is going to do in the future, which direction of higher education in Spain he will choose.

At Bachillerato there are 4 directions, by choosing which the student determines his future profession:

  • art
  • science
  • technology
  • humanitarian and social direction

If, for example, a child in the learning process realizes that he has chosen a direction that is not interesting to him, it will be very problematic to change it. The bachillerato subjects are aimed at in-depth preparation before the university, there are common for everyone, general for the direction of study (the student chooses from the list) and additional subjects (chooses from several offered).

The humanitarian direction includes various humanitarian subjects, Spanish and literature, and, interestingly, Latin and Greek. Moreover, it is not necessary to study both ancient languages ​​- you can delve into one.

In the technical direction, naturally, they study mathematics, physics-chemistry and others. items. But they also teach philosophy, history, Spanish and literature. A total of 10 items are obtained.

To complete Bachillerato at best high schools in Spain, of course, you need to get high grades in all the subjects studied. And the higher the score in the subjects, the easier it is to enter a Spanish university in the chosen specialty. This takes into account the grades of both the first and second years of study.

At the end of the second academic year at best high schools in Spain, students write the Prueba General de Bachillerato exam. If students pass the exam successfully and also have good results in the current exams for 2 academic years, they will receive a Bachillerato diploma. The diploma completes secondary education in Spain. Graduates can study at Spanish universities and the diploma is recognized as an entry qualification worldwide, provided that they know the language in which they are taught.

Studying at Bachillerato is not easy at all, especially after graduating from a non-Spanish school, given that all subjects are taught in Spanish. Therefore, it is worthwhile to think carefully whether the child needs to enroll in a Spanish bachelor’s degree or is it better to wait until a master’s degree, which in Spain can even be found in English.

How to apply for the Bachilerato program at best private schools in Spain?

Bachilerato is usually enrolled immediately after completing compulsory secondary education at a Spanish school (ESO) upon reaching the age of 16.

Requirements for international students may vary from school to school:

  1. Foreign students must confirm the availability of secondary education through the homologation procedure of the certificate obtained in their country. This is a rather difficult and lengthy process that needs to be started as early as possible after obtaining a certificate. Upon admission, schools go to a meeting and accept foreign students with a document stating that the certificate for 9 grades is in the process of homologation. This requirement is mandatory for all schools.
  2. The high school program is difficult, which means that the level of Spanish proficiency must be at least B2, official certificates of knowledge of Spanish are usually not required, the school itself checks the level of the language. The school may also suggest that you go down one grade and take the final ESO high school course (our 9th grade) to improve your language.
  3. The school will look at grade 9 academic performance and may also offer an English and Math test.

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