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When the sun shines brilliantly over us, we all feel good for the blessing of nature. We can all be out in the lovely weather to do whatever we love to do.

Sunglasses Layoners’ Guides to Rocking Your Sunnies

How do you rock sunglasses on sunny days?

Do you really wear sunglasses on sunny days? Do you simply wear them for protection or fashion? You can rock trendy sunglasses of Sunglasses Layoners for both fashion and protection. You got no need to choose between function and style. With Sunglasses Layoners, your eyes are well protected with our 100% UVA lenses. You can rock your style as you protect the eyes.

Here are how you can rock your sunglasses:

Use perfect sunglasses for your face shape: In choosing perfect sunglasses, you first have to consider the feature and shape of your face. The face features and shapes have impacts on your look in sunglasses. This is well explained below.

Decide on the functional elements: Choose polarized lenses that fight against reflections, oil and water. Polarized lenses have an instant effect on vision and also reduce gleaming of flat surfaces.

Be classy and be unique: Quality sunglasses are the best accessory you can wear to look classy. You can wear it or prop it over your head.

Hooked look: You can hook sunglasses to your hips, pockets, or the collars of your shirt. It is a nice way to enhance your attire. Sunglasses make fashion statements without even wearing them.

Stylish head look: You can flip the lenses up to the top of your head. It is the most simple and usual way people rest their sunglasses.

Reduce accessories, ornaments and color: When you keep it casual by minimizing accessories, jewelry and color, you let your sunglasses shine!

Perfect Sunglasses for Face Shapes

In order to make your best features more prominent, the best way is to wear frames that fit your face.

You are not even sure of what shape your face has. Is your face round, square, heart, diamond, oblong, or triangle? We can help you figure that out now! Pull your hair away and look into the mirror. Take a proper look at your face features. You can also figure it out by looking at your picture. Then take a look at the recommendations below:

  • Oval Face

An oval face is defined by balanced features and a chin slightly narrower than the forehead. The face is longer than its width. It has a curved jawline slightly narrower than the forehead.

Almost all sunglasses look awesome on an oval face, in as much the frames are not wider than your face. Oversized round, cat-eye, aviators, clubmasters, wayfarers, and square sunglasses are the best choices for oval face shape.

  • Round Face

A round face is defined by a soft, circular shape where the width and length are almost equal. It is similar to a square face but has a rounded jawline.

The goal is to enhance the shape when choosing a pair of sunglasses for a round face. This can be achieved by choosing frames that are elongating. This will give a slimmer and more sharpened look to your face. Choose a square, aviator, oversized round and cat-eye sunglasses to compliment your face.

  • Heart Face

A heart-shaped face is defined by a forehead wider than the jawline, and the chin is pointed. You may have a widow peak. Among all the face shapes, the heart face has the slimmest chin.

To move the attention away from the straight edges of the face and to create a more elongated look, cat-eye style frames, round aviators and oversized frames are the right choices. The frames will give the impression of a more rounded face.

  • Square Face

This is defined by strong, well-defined angles in the forehead, cheeks, and jawline. Your face is nearly as long as it is wide. Your forehead and jawline are almost the same widths. Your chin is less pointed, and your jawline is squared.

To complement the face shape, a pair of sunglasses that is oval or round is the right choice. It gives the face a more balanced and symmetrical look. Aviators, wayfarers, rectangle and cat-eye sunglasses are also ideal for this face shape.

  • Diamond Face

A diamond face is defined by narrow jawline or forehead, with wide cheekbones. It is almost like the heart face shape, but with a tapered hairline.

In choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses for a diamond face, the aim is to enhance your cheekbones. Oval, tiny cat-eye, aviator and small round glasses are ideal for the diamond face.

  • Triangle Face

A triangle face is widest at the jaw and gradually narrows through the forehead. Triangle face has a square and flat chin.

Choose frames that will emphasize dimensional balance while reducing the jawline. Aviators and club masters have frames with more going on up top and are ideal for triangle face shape. Sunglasses having a teardrop such as cat-eye or rectangle shape can also emphasize dimensional symmetry.

  • Oblong Face

This face shape is longer than its width. The forehead, cheekbones and jawlines are of the same width. The hairline and the jawline are gently rounded. An oblong face is almost like a square face. You should choose a wayfarer or any sunglasses that do not have small frames.

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