The 5 most important mobile marketing tools

What is mobile marketing? In the first place, although it seems obvious, we have to talk about whatmobile marketing is, since currently360º strategiesand the dominance of mobile over other devices make it seem that “everything is mobile marketing”.

Although almost all of the aboveadvertising campaignshave a little or a lot of mobile, it is necessary to understand that a company uses mobile-based campaigns has its focus not on the future, but on the present of advertising.

We go into the matter and divide all the elements that may be involved in mobile marketing into5 different tools, each with its own implicit tools:

Mobile applications – mobile app marketing

There is no doubt: the best way to reach a mobile user is through anapp installed on their device.

Apparently the first need it covers is its own utility; However, the brands that opt ​​for developing an app achieve an effect far beyond that.

Many of the needs that an application solves can be provided without major difficulties through a mobile-optimized website, even with fewer technological problems than those encountered by a mobile application developer.

An app is for mobile marketingthe new loyalty card.

When a user downloads the application on his device and logs in with his user, he is putting the company in his pocket, including it in his list ofutilities,favoritemeans of information, among itsreference brands.

► Loyalty strategies

The loyalty strategies from the Mobile App Marketing are developed in multiple ways and with different objectives:

● Groupmembership, the user becomes part of the community by having an account, as it happened and happens with membership cards of any brand.

● Conversationalcommunitiesof users, when the application has forums or opinion spaces on news, products or services.

Immersive experiencesthrough augmented reality or advergaming.

Exclusive contentand priority access to content from entertainment brands or audiovisual platforms.

Cuponing, through which applications allow users to be rewarded through coupons or discounts, which can increase the conversion rate of their e-commerce platforms.

● Strategies linked togeolocation(below we will talk a little more about this topic).

Exclusive featuresfor mobile orspecial pricesonly available through the applications.

Long live the apps on your phone

In addition, although deleting a free application takes just a few clicks, once an application manages to enter a mobile phone, it is usually to stay for a while, which is why we place Mobile Apps asleaders in Mobile Marketing.

► Mobile App Marketing Tools

There are many mobile marketing tools to take full advantage of, to optimize or to analyze an app such as Singular, Adjust, Mixpanel, CleverTap, Notificare, Gainsight PX, Smartlook, PendoPlatform, Forcemanafer, Amplitude, Pyze … the list is endless, as the functionalities of each one.

Social media marketing

► The power of social media

Although they are multi-device tools, mobile marketing reaches infinite possibilities in advertising strategies when we immerse ourselves in the tools they offer us:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Linkedin

► Facebook (& Instagram) Business Manager.

The leader in this case is the mobile app marketing on Facebook, which with itsFacebook Business Manager, the tool designed to manageFan Pages, manage advertising accounts, ad reports, event manager, audiences, Facebook and Instagram campaigns aimed mainly at advertising companies and agencies.

There are still no indications but who knows how long it will take WhatsApp to become part of this platform, it may end up integrating after the arrival ofWhatsapp Business.

► Tools that facilitate strategies

In parallel, within Social Media Marketing, internal applications arise as well:

● Easypromos, the leading app for creating promotions and campaigns of all kinds for social networks , especially optimized for Facebook.

● Fanpage Karma, a tool used to analyze the relevance of different own pages or those of the competition, but also to choose contest winners according to various criteria.

● In addition to othercomment countersand random winner selectors that solve specific needs in campaign management such as Comment Picker, Giveawation, AppSorteos, Arbitery, Simpliers, GiveawayInsta, Woobox,

► Tools on Twitter

On the other hand, Twitter has multiple content managers to program and monitor personal and corporate profiles, such asHootsuite, TweetDeckorBufferamong the best known, and internal tools such asTwitter Media Studio, Twtitter AdsorTwitter Analytics.

► Without forgetting Linkedin

As for Linkedin, the best way to manage your pages, although it also allows you to program certain publications from tools such asHootsuite, is your analysis of visitors and interactions with your “Analysis of visitors” through the page administrator.

Although it is largely a mobile tool,Linkedinhas internal tools developed for mobile or desktop such as:

  1. Talent management for hiring qualified candidates.
  2. Sales Solutions, to detect sales opportunities.
  3. Recruitment with job advertisements for companies.
  4. Employee Training Learning Solutions

Email marketing

Thirdly, email marketing could not be missing as one of the most important and classic tools.

Possibly it is the tool that has undergone fewer changes since the recentsovereignty of mobile marketing, adapting slightly to the mobile user, along with SEO positioning that we will talk about below.

Due to this boom, it is essential to include a responsive design in our sending of newsletters, newsletters, notifications from any platform.

► The best of email marketing

It is adirect channel, which has the advantage of allowing great segmentation , being able to adapt the content to each consumer segment.

On the other hand, it is anon-invasive techniquesince the user has expressly agreed to receive communications from the brand, hence the conversion is one of the highest in relation to impacts.

► Challenges in a mobile email marketing campaign

One of the biggest enemies of email marketing is thespamorspam tray, to avoid it we must follow a series of good practices, send fromsolidand trustedplatforms suchasMailrelay.

One of the keys to avoid ending up in a blacklist of rejected IPs is to have a clean database, by which inactive users or email accounts are discarded, and relying on scoring systems that give email accounts a degree of reputation, based on the rate of opening or validity of the domains.

The first objective that we have to overcome once we have managed to get an email to the inbox is the ”opening rate“.

The key is in the subject of the email, giving a clear or curious message, including an attractive call to action, including emoticons that help to highlight your message among those who compete for the user’s attention … There are many things to keep in mind for a fundamental part of the strategy.

If in doubt, you can usean A / B testand analyze the opening rate of each of the options.

► Segmentation to beat

Thesegmentationis another key element, if we can reach the ideal audience, our mail will not be intrusive and have a good chance of achieving the goal behind the campaign.

And of course, the content: about good practices when creating a goodemail marketingstrategy it is important to send messages with a clear message, a moderate length, neither too short nor too long, and with text, that is, not Compose your email exclusively from images with the text designed on them, as this reduces the weight of the email sent and provides readable content for the email inboxes that determine the quality of incoming messages and their potential as fraudulent.

The rest is in the hands of the strategy, which takes full advantage of this tool.

Geolocation – mobile geo marketing

In recent years, thanks to theGPS integratedin all mobile phones, mobile marketing strategies have become a fundamental tool for any brand, especially if they have local representation, such as localized stores, shops of any kind or franchises.

Even service companies have the opportunity to send timely offers and punctual promotions to users based on their location.

Although this seems a distant future, it is already a reality, there are numerous companies that use mobile marketing with strategies like these and optimization tools, location and study of opportunities such as:

  1. RegioGraph
  2. MapInfo Professional
  3. QlikMaps
  4. NetGeomarketing
  5. MarktAnalyst

These are some of the most popular tools ingeomarketing,but geographic location strategies also have a long run with mechanics or trends likegeocatching, games whereby users try to locate secret locations to solve puzzles or collect locations. found, creating virtual communities linked by this activity.

Text messaging

Historically the first mobile marketing tool, which with an evolution adapted to the times is still in force. It is constantly in transformation and reaching new formats, due to its simplicity, flexibility and proximity to the user.

Here we have to differentiate between two very similar but different media:

  1. WhatsApp Business
  2. SMS Marketing

► SMS marketing

Along withWhatsApp Marketing, which we will talk about later, there is a tool that also relies on mobile messaging as a powerful way of impacting the company’s target audience very directly.

AnSMS Marketingcampaign must have a clearobjectivelike any marketing campaign, whether it is branding, brand awareness, converting to sale or deriving traffic to your website or online store.

It is important to take into account theoptimization of the landing pagesas in the rest of the previous strategies.

One of the advantages ofSMS Marketingis that it has a high open rate, unlike social networks it is not necessary to create recurring content on the same idea that you want to transmit, since also all communications are received in the same thread conversation on the phone of the brand’s potential customer.

To analyzeSMS Marketingstrategies we can have tools likeGoogle Analyticsto identify the effectiveness and conversion of the campaign.

► Whatsapp Marketing

There is no doubt thatWhatsApp is the kingof communication, crowned as the most downloaded app of the year in Spain. A free app that has become the standard for interpersonal communication.

In the field of mobile marketing,WhatsApp Businesscomes into play with the aim of becoming a point of reference between customers and companies.

The aesthetics of the application is similar to the WhatsApp that we already know, with fundamental differences such asstatisticsthat account for the number of messages received, sent, read, etc. Some of the functionalities that this new tool would have would be theresponse, automation and organizationof all messages between brands and their customers, with the advantage that it is a channel in which the general public is comfortable. Customers will be able to accept or block conversations so that this new tool is minimally intrusive.

► First steps

Keys to start withWhatsApp Businessfor companies that use mobile marketing within your strategy:

● Profile– The first thing we have to do is create a brand profile, defining the brand name. It is necessary to link it to a different phone number than the personal WhatsApp that we usually use.

● Location– Determine the address of the company, whether it is local or if it has a physical reference location.

● Web– Link the profile to the corporate website.

● Products and schedules– Specify the products or services you offer, as well as the activity schedules.

● Database– Organize our customer database, segmenting audiences according to the classification that best fits our marketing strategy.

● Digital strategy– Define one or several campaigns within our digital strategy considering Whatsapp Business as one more piece without underestimating or underestimating it.

● Messages– Writing the communications that will be sent to the contacts, creatives or designs adapted to the channel through which they will be sent.

● Automatic replies– In the event that we are interested in automatically sending messages when we are not available.

► Tools to fully exploit Whatsapp Business

Speaking of other related tools we can highlight the following:

● MassyPhone and WhatsappMarketing– They have functionalities that facilitate the sending of massive messages and the programming through segmented lists. They also serve as a WhatsApp manager for customer service management.

● WhatsDog– A curious tool that serves to analyze the schedules in which our contacts connect to WhatsApp so that the segmentation of a campaign can be optimized.

● WhatsApp Pay– And we don’t want to forget to mention it. As announced from the company, through WhatsApp Pay, the app will soon implement the option to send money and make interpersonal payments, to later position itself as a payment option for companies.

· Finally, let’s not forget a good strategy

In short, these are the main tools in which we can encompass practically all the mobile marketing actions that can be developed. Creativity andSEO for mobile phonesare key, since mobile marketing overcomes many barriers when it is in the palm of the target audience.

However,customers are increasingly demandingin terms of content loading speed, device suitability and campaign creativity. Therefore, knowing perfectly the tools of mobile marketing and all its possibilities (which do not stop growing) will make your campaign always live up to expectations.

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