The advantages of Instagram Dark Mode

Instagram Dark Mode
Like what we said earlier, Instagram can make your eyes hurt. Also, using Instagram for hours makes your cellphone or smartphone battery.
In this way, your eye health can be maintained even if you play on Instagram for a long time. Also, parents are not anxious and afraid because their children like to play on Instagram.
You also know that the brightness feature that is set too high will make the battery run out quickly. In this way, an application compiled with low brightness features is more efficient for battery life.
The cool thing is, you can appear more PD with a good Instagram display. You also seem to be getting updated with this new feature.
So, you won’t experience the heartache of children who are depressed because of cyber-bullying on Instagram. However, you will be one of the most popular among other users.
Do you realize that most Instagram users don’t know this feature? So if you are the first to have a look like this, of course, they will be amazed and fascinated by you.
Then how do you activate Instagram Dark Mode?
Instagram Dark Mode Smartphone
Instagram itself says that some Instagram users cannot access and activate this cool feature.Then are you the one who can’t access this Instagram Dark Mode?
Yes, Yes, Yes. Just check the full details …

How to activate Instagram Dark Mode?

Instagram issued a warning that this feature is only available for a limited number of people. So, some can’t enjoy the coolness of Instagram Dark Mode.
OK, let’s explain more …
Instagram Dark Mode can only be accessed by users with a specific OS. If you are using Android, the minimum OS you need is Android 10. Meanwhile, the user must use at least an iPhone 13 to access Instagram Dark Mode.
So it’s clear who can access this cool feature, right?

How to Enable Instagram Dark Mode on Android

Did you think that there is a special feature to activate Instagram Dark Mode?
Try updating your Instagram application. Then, search in Settings until you find this feature.
I’m sure! You won’t find this feature!
You only need to change the settings on your cellphone or Android smartphone. That’s why Instagram needs a minimum OS Android 10.
Because Android 10 has a setting feature to activate this cool feature.
Well like this, how come!
Open your Android Settings or Settings
Look for the Display menu
Click the Dark Mode option
Congratulations! You did it!
Just open Instagram


You don’t need to buy a new cellphone anymore to access this cool Instagram feature. Just update your Android system, this access will immediately open.

How to Access Instagram Dark Mode iPhone

Just like the previous focus, iPhone users also don’t need to look for this feature on Instagram. Just use the settings in your iOS, all problems are resolved !!
You need to remember, you can only access this feature if your iPhone or iOS is at least iOS 13. So, if you haven’t arrived at iOS, please just update the system to iOS 13 right away.
  • Have you updated? It’s rock and roll time!
  • Go to Settings or Settings of your iPhone
  • Select the Display and Brightness menu or Display and Brightness
  • Click the Dark or Dark option and check the Theme or Themes section
  • Open your Instagram
  • Don’t be surprised if it looks cool!
  • How? It’s easy? Is there a problem?
  • Just write your problem in the comments column.

Instagram Dark Mode on Google Chrome

What if your cellphone or smartphone can’t be updated. Like Oppo for example. Of course, you won’t be able to enjoy this cool feature.
Or are you even a loyal user who uses old Android and iPhone?
So in this way, the best alternative for you is to use Google Chrome. I’m sure if 99% of device users must have Google Chrome.
In this way, you no longer need to update the system on your smartphone. Just use Chrome, everything is fine.
How to do it? Yes, it’s different! Each device has a different way and character. I’ll just do surgery one by one.
Google Chrome on Android
First, I’ll tell you how to activate Instagram Dark Mode from Chrome on Android.
The method is really easy …
Open Chrome and select the 3 horizontal dots in the top right corner yes
Just write Dark on the search page
Choose one of the 2 options below:
Android Web Content Dark Mode: Dark mode feature for chrome which already has a dark mode feature
  • Android Chrome UI Dark Mode: This option allows you to completely change the appearance to dark
  • Check all options and click ‘Activated’
  • Close the application and Restart
  • Open the application again and select ‘Dark Mode’
  • Congratulations! Enjoy this most updated special cool look!
Google Chrome on Windows 10
Windows 10 is already the most popular among PC or laptop users today. Besides being fast, you also benefit from the practicality of this feature.
You can also activate the Instagram Dark Mode feature. If you use Windows 7, it’s impossible to use this way.
The method is easy.
Enter the System Settings or Settings
Select Personalization and click Color
Check the Dark menu on the ‘Choose your default app mode’ Submenu
Congratulations, you can change the appearance of Instagram and your system
Any question?
Google Chrome on iOS
Want a trending hack that will happen next year? It’s cool if this happens.
You will be at the forefront of all iPhone and iOS users. One of them is Instagram Dark Mode which will be released from the Chrome iPhone and iOS systems!


Hey, who took the cellphone immediately and practiced this method? I’m sure you seem even more popular with this cool feature.
Is there a problem?
Or maybe you just find it difficult to find features in this way. If you have trouble, just comment in the comments below.
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Fear of spreading hehe.
So, open it now while we still have access to it.

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