TechPally Tips for Successful Customer Management

Successful Customer Management

Businesses usually make numerous contacts with potential customers.

Unfortunately, however, businesses often lose the people they don’t contact regularly – partly because they are not systematically maintained.

So the contacts don’t turn into contracts – that is, orders and valuable business relationships.

Below are six tips for successful relationship management.

Be Mindful

There are many good products and service providers.

That is why emotional or irrational factors always play a role in the decision “I will cooperate with this partner”.

Accordingly, salespeople, (customer) advisors, and key accountants should be careful when in contact with (potential) customers.

They should extend all their tentacles to register: What is my counterpart signaling to me, for example through their body language, facial expressions, and gestures?

What does he tell me his choice of words about his motives?

And what does he tell me because of his intonation and way of speaking through the flower?

Because then they can react to this with their (body) language and, for example, ask: “Is my assumption correct that you …?

” This is how you get information that the customer does not give every seller.

And the conversation partner has the feeling: I am talking to a person

Show Personal Interest

Everyone wants to be perceived and taken seriously as an individual – and not just as a (possible) source of revenue, says Techpally boss.

So, as a salesperson or customer advisor, you should also signal to your partner: I perceive you as a person But be careful!

There are two points to consider here. First, don’t pretend to be interested in the person if you don’t feel it. Because your counterpart will feel this immediately.

Secondly, take notes after the conversation because then you can positively surprise your partner in the next conversation.

Show Personality

For many salespeople, customer advisors, and customer service representatives, the following applies.

The structure of the conversation is also largely identical.

Accordingly, they often appear boring and uninteresting as a person.

Try to set yourself apart from such run-of-the-mill salespeople – less through external appearance than through how you behave.

  • For example, by asking questions that are surprising to the customer.

  • Or by looking him in the eye for three or four seconds after he asked a question and being silent.

  • Or by surprisingly changing the conversation level and adding a personal comment or compliment to the conversation.

Be Generous

Almost no one likes to work with “penny pinchers” – especially not in the long term based on contracts.

Therefore, try to distinguish yourself as a generous and uncomplicated partner in customer contact, TechPally advised.

For example, by not emphasizing the problems in the conversation that certain solutions bring with them – because the customer has enough problems.

Furthermore, by not “messing around” with the additional effort required to meet certain customer requirements.

Rather, gladly and willingly provide preliminary services for the potential customer and actively offer them to them.

This is definitely worth it for you – even if the contact does not result in a lucrative business relationship.

Then, your counterpart will recommend you as an attractive partner.

Be Authentic and Reliable

Most corporate decision-makers have contact with many people.

Individuals are quickly forgotten. This is why you should remember yourself about 72 hours after you have met a person – for example at a congress or reception.

For example, with an email or a phone call. It used to seem too committed. It is different when you promise someone “I’ll email you the brochure tomorrow” or “I’ll call you tomorrow about it”.

Then of course you have to keep this promise. Because nobody wants to cooperate with an unreliable service provider.

Be Patient and Calm

In organizations, it often takes a long time to make investment decisions – experienced salespeople know that.

They react accordingly calmly if a (potential) customer does not give them orders at the first meeting.

But they also know: “I have to stay on the ball so that the contact doesn’t get cold.”

So they regularly remind their target customers – but not by calling and annoying them every two or three days. No, they are positively remembered by the target persons.

For example, by sending them something that offers them real added value.

It can be an article about a study on the development of the target customer’s industry or a checklist.

By giving your counterpart the feeling, “There is someone who thinks of me and values me as a person “gradually acquire his trust.

So, when the decision is made, your contact person will choose you as a partner.

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