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Do you have an online business and make the mistake of focusing primarily on sales and leaving after sales behind? Contrary to what many SMEs believe, the best opportunity to increase results lies in after-sales, so we cannot miss this opportunity.

So today from the digitaltechupdates blog we want to give you some keys to focus efforts not only on getting sales and attracting new customers , but also on performing a good subsequent service because it is another of the great ways to grow a business.

One of the most frequent mistakes is also investing a lot of time and resources to get to the sale in which we have to have been for a while generating trust in the user, giving follow-up and attention, however, once we have achieved this so We just have to increase their purchase frequency again because everything else we have already achieved. So now that you surely have a little clearer about the importance of any small and medium-sized company to have anonline post-sale strategy, we will analyze one by one those essential factors that you must always have during the post-sale service and get the perception of our company be much more favorable.

What should you do to create a good online post-sale experience?

  • Get to know theopinionof your customers by conducting a satisfaction survey when you receive the order and be able to assess both customer service, delivery time, order status and their overall shopping experience. In return we can offer some incentive such as a discount for the next purchase.
  • Always beavailable to answer questionsabout the use or operation of the product that our client has bought, either through the website, telephone, email or social networks.
  • Make clear thepolicy of returns and repairsof products and of course comply with this obligation of the after sales service.

By following these tips, an online store can enjoy a good post-sale commitment. Now, what can we do after the customer’s shopping experience?

  • Make reminders: It is essential to keep your brand present in mind of customers who have already placed an order for your product or service.
  • Increase their sales, that is, make them buy a little more.
  • Increase their frequency of purchase, that is, make them turn to our online store more widely.
  • Boost your recommendationand take advantage of what that customer has said about their shopping experience to encourage other potential customers.
  • Haveconstant communication since it is a good experience they have had, they must remember it to continue driving new sales. We can do this by means of a newsletter oronline SMS.
  • Maintain an updated databasethat allows generating personalized campaigns and stimulating new sales.
  • Give aclose and familiar treatmentto increase their engagement with the company in the long term and that in addition to being able to generate more sales they become the main recommenders of your products or services. This can be done by making special and attractive promotions only for already known customers.
  • Organize aneventduring the year in which customers can find the perfect excuse to visit your online business. These can be for example giveaways or special promotions.

What are the most frequent after-sales service complaints?

  • The final price does not coincide with the one indicated first on the web.
  • The characteristics of the product are not the same as the one that was offered.
  • Delivery delay.
  • Lack of flexibility in payment methods.
  • Lack of qualified personnel to resolve technical questions about the product.
  • Lack of agility in the customer service process.
  • Deficiencies on the web (scarce information, forms that fail …)
  • Problems when
  • Lack of responsibility in the application of the guarantee.

Theafter-sales serviceis therefore one more source of income that helps us to retain customers and gives us the opportunity to attract new ones with less effort because now the customers themselves are the recommenders through the “word of mouth” of our online store always and when the entire process has been satisfactory during the purchase.

We must always bear in mind that this service includes all the activities that take place after the sale of the product or service and is one of the best ways to create brand loyalty, to get a satisfied customer to give us the best advertising, we they give very valuable information and represent a second chance to generate more sales.

So remember that the commitment with the customer does not end immediately after receiving the payment, but we must apply all the key points that we have analyzed in order to make a successful after-sales process.

At digitaltechupdates we arecommittedto conducting online after-sales monitoring as one of the best ways to grow your business, so you do not focus only on your current and future customers but also on those who have already trusted your company and exploit all the opportunities They bring with them. In this sense, our job is precisely to advise small and medium-sized companies in this process and provide them with all the necessary tools so that this aspect works perfectly together with other essentials of any online business such as good management ofsocial networks,positioning SEOor carry out anemail marketingstrategy. Our associate consultants are specialists in each of the areas so by following our business model based onLow Cost we can get the most out of and optimize all these areas in order to have a successful online business.

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