5 Examples to get more followers on Google Plus

Google Plus

Currently, social networks have become a claim for all those companies that want to make themselves known and show the advantages of their product to a very wide audience and in a totally free way. In this way, networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter have become a powerful marketing tool.

But among all of them we must highlight Google Plus , a social media platform that is becoming increasingly important, which is due to the advantages it offers in terms of connectivity and flexibility.

However, it is not worth making a profile and waiting for the followers to rain, but it is especially relevant to learn to take advantage of all the benefits of this network to increase our number of followers day by day. And it is the learning of the different existing methods in Google Plus that will really help us to create the necessary trust in our clients, make the business more human and increase site traffic. That is why we are going to show you 5 examples so that you can see how other companies use social networks successfully:

1- For example DoubleClick effectively uses hashtags to target specific audiences.

 2-      MakeUseOf encourages social exchange by making promotions with gifts that may interest the type of audience you want to reach.

 3-      Ghulam Mustafa e publishes humorous images and shares them to capture the attention of his followers and get more contacts.

 4-      BudhistGeeks notifies its followers about the live events that will be produced by the locals in the area and invites them to attend.

5-      MylesGolden shares content from different sites and asks its followers interesting questions to get them to participate.

Ultimately, it is about interacting with the target audience and potential customer. And the most important thing to increase the traffic of our business to make it grow is, without a doubt, knowing how to create a community of fans around the site and involve them day by day in our activities. Learn to exploit all the benefits that social networks like Google Plus offer you and you will multiply the economic performance of your company.

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