15 seconds that are repeated in a loop, more than 800 million users and connection with anyone from anywhere in the world . This is the new Social Network that has conquered the world’s youth and from an entertainment channel has become a network with high commercial efficiency and interaction with users .

According to BusinessApps studies, the average time spent on this social network is 52 minutes per day, far from the numbers known so far with other interaction channels. If to this is added that the duration of each video and your interaction with the screen determines the content that your mind wants or is used to consuming , then you can already understand that any brand or company wants to be there. Because there are your users and consumers.

Also keep in mind that Tiktok’s metrics are now much slower and more defined; before, you could see any type of content from any country. which is the reason? Tiktok is one of the few social networks that has almost no information about its users, so its segmentation is complicated and very slow. But even so, those who have been using the platform for a long time can see that now the content that appears is much closer to their interests, after a few weeks barely using the platform.


To expand our reach, today we have an effective, fast “tool” that is very close to users: influencers . Due to the rejection of traditional advertising, generation Z is at the forefront of that change. The key is to find the perfect user for your target audience. We must bear in mind that if our audience is between 16 and 24 years old, surely both the user and the target are on Tiktok. Older than 24? I’m sure they follow you on other social networks too.

Although there are companies still jealous of leaving their brand promotion to influencers and launching into this fun network, there are clear examples of the achievements made with Tiktok, especially when it comes to clothing brands and travel agencies.

Definitely, since Tiktok launched Ads, many companies have opened up to using the platform. Let’s see some types of campaigns that can be launched on Tiktok:

1. Native Ads in the Feed

Just like in the Instagram feed, from Tiktok it is possible to launch an Ads campaign in your scroll, with buttons and calls to action and through creativity and dynamism.

2. Ads Hashtags Challenge

This type of ads is based on encouraging users to perform a certain action and tag your video with the corresponding brand hashtag. 

3. Brand Takeover Ads

In brand takeovers, a specific brand takes over the entire TikTok homepage using images, video clips, and GIFs. 

4. Branded Effects

Your ads are characterized by filters, stickers and custom special effects that can be shared between users (usually large clothing, food and car brands use it).


First, you have to create an Ads account in Tiktok Ads, fill out a form with your data and you can now create your campaign! It is very important to establish the objective, as indicated here: 

You will later choose a name for your campaign, you will assign a budget per day and a total budget and then you will have to create your segmentation.


Tiktok has other apps like Vigo Video and Buzz Video tied to it, so the first thing it’ll ask you is to mark your “locations.” Then, you will have to enter all the necessary details to start publishing your ad: URL, display names, images, categories…

A very interesting section of this section is that of keywords: you can select up to 20 terms to describe your brand (what you are promoting: your website, your application, etc.)

These keywords will be used to show your products to the right audience , so think carefully about your choice. Finally, the “Targeting” section allows you to define the target audience for your ads. You can configure parameters such as location, age, gender, languages, devices and more


Launching from one day to the next in this network is not easy, you have to be constant, have quality material and above all always maintain a personality behind your network. Depending on the brand you want to promote and the business culture, always make sure that your target audience gets your message. Your tools are: be fun, be cool, be crazy, educate, teach, attract; In short, whatever the characteristic and message of your brand, it has to stand out behind the characters that you put on stage on Tiktok. They speak for you and they speak for your brand.