Tips for a successful implementation of Live Chat

Live Chat

Generations pass and habits too.Resorting to a call today is often a tedious activity and, on the contrary, chats are a great relief for new users and, what matters most, they feel happy communicating by text.

For this reason,live chatis a support that favors new consumers and makes your brand have a better connection with users. It unifies every customer-facing communication process and expands a support channel into asalesandmarketingchannel , all while keeping your costs low and providing a steady stream of long-term revenue.

Well -implementedlive chatcan do wonders for your business, but there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to implementation. It mainly depends on the needs of the business, customers and agents.

Before starting with alive chatyou must have an execution plan in 3 parts: Analyze who benefits the most from this process (your clients), followed by those who use the live chat tool the most (your agents). Finally, the business, which will reap the benefits of implementing chat.For your live chat channel to be successful, all three stakeholders must benefit from its use.

Create automated service flows so that your customers are not left waiting. Get this with Chatbots.

Once we have it clear, keep in mind the following tips.

How to have a good live chat implementation?

that suits your brand

Livechatis the face of your business and the single point of contact with your agent team. Therefore, your design should encourage conversation. For this, the following should be considered:

  • What the customer expects:The user expects you to respond quickly, so analyze the most common queries raised by visitors and create information flows that help customers find answers with the least amount of effort.Chatbot platforms, like Ticker, can help your agents alleviate this heavy load and repetitiveness, and give your customers a much faster response.
  • Communication style:Livechatis a window into your business, so you need to capture the tone and personality of your brand to engage your target audience and encourage them to engage through chat.

Build customer-oriented processes

When we talk aboutlive chatit means that there will be people behind responding to your customers, so create processes that work for them. There are two steps to achieve this:

  • Calculate the number of attentions:Analyze the average number of attentions you receive per day and assign them to your agents in equal amounts. Lean on platforms that are integrated into your CRM so that the team has a history of each client.
  • Integrate new tools:Not only do you stay in a chat managed by people, there are alsochatbots that allow you to serve your customerswhen your team is out of service or is resting. If you want to implement this tool in your business, you can request aDemo here.

Train your operators

Support staff training should be focused on knowing how to use thelive chattool effectively. Customer messaging platforms forlive chatcome with a host of features that allow agents to work without stress. This could range from automatic agent assignments toimplementing chatbots.

Paying attention to the agent experience will also dramatically reduce customer wait times and increase resolution rates.

Chatbots save costs and reduce the workload of your operators.

Set up your bots

If chat support is on the rise or demanding,consider integrating chatbots. Bots are essential for scaling teams that are receiving high volumes of requests. They can also learn, in a matter of minutes, to start conversations and trigger messages based on activities.

To learn how to configure a chatbot, you must identify repetitive processes and automate them with this tool. Because you can encourage small talk, respond to queries based on intent, and recognize moments to transfer to an agent.It will keep agents out of repetitive tasks.

There is no doubt that the integration of alive chatis essential to be more connected with your customers. Although it seems easy, this requires a great effort from your agents because the activity is more demanding.

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