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sales techniques

In a world of pandemic, insecurity and confinement, people and businesses saw digital purchases as a gold mine that they never dared to exploit. Thus, in Peru alone,ecommerce grew 120% in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Therefore, we must get our act together, not only in improving our image in digital media, but also thatour users have a much easier shopping experienceand, above all, that they get a good impression of our product.

If your brand already has an account on Facebook or Instagram, it is a big step because both platforms allow you to upload your products or services without the need for a website, in case the budget does not accommodate acquiring a domain and implementing a website. right from the start.

Now you just need to find the way to interact with your customers. It is proven that a user checks the social networks of a business before purchasing a product or service. For this reason, the next step is tocreate a content strategy for social networksthat is well balanced and that communicates your products and valuable content related to your market category.

Therefore, before talking aboutsales techniques, let’s start with the following:

Importance of social media sales

Communicate important content on your networks, otherwise you will only be spending resources without having a real impact on your audience.

Social networks have become a new business window, although before all efforts were focused on improving the performance of our website, and we should continue to do so, the integration of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are making customers close a sale without leave the aforementioned social platforms.

We must change our approach to making content on our digital channels. If before we managed the price discreetly, in the present, many brands have chosen to place their prices in the description of their publications or even in the image itself.

This with the launch of the Facebook catalog that has the possibility of being integrated into Instagram. Later it is planned to make payments through the chats of both networks and through WhatsApp.

As we can read, we are in a process of maturation of social networks. They no longer have the purpose of entertaining, they also aim for the commercial side. If this seems like a bad move to you, think about what the conventional media (radio, TV and newspapers) live on.

A key and important factor is that social networks put us in a linear scheme with the client, they do not go to a company, but to one more friend who sells them a product. For this reason, it is necessary toestablish a clear guideline of how we will communicate with our clients.Previously, we talked abouthow to improve the customer service of a digital business.

Today’s buyers want to feel identified during their purchase, being a new process they want to feel accompanied, therefore, it is necessary to give them a personalized treatment when deciding on a purchase.

The digital presence must have a horizon

In this subtopic, we enter the prelude to sales techniques, since communicating our business through social networks has already become a technique, now, being the most basic, is where the greatest number of mistakes are made.

Before publishing content on social media, we must have a target audience that we want to reach, not everyone will like or care about what we offer, that is where we must do a preliminary market study and then shoot our content.

On the other hand, it is not just about publishing for publishing, the fact that you do it does not mean that you have guaranteed sales. Establish a type of content that does not tire the public and that suits their needs.

Sales techniques for social networks

More than techniques, it is knowing how to use all the tools that we have at our disposal, from free to paid. They all play a key role in our digital sales strategy.


From today remember this word. Imagine that a user is writing to you through Facebook chat, but decides to call you to want more detailed information. When you use tools that integrate information from your chats or interactions in general, that call will not go on the air.

That is whatthe meaning ofomnichannelis about , that you do not lose the customer’s information in the channel they want to communicate.What matters most is that you have the best experience and can collect the most user data.

We care a lot about giving the best first impression to customers because they will feel more confident when buying. All the emergencies they have should always be resolved so that they feel safe. This type of experience not only converts a customer into a future“lovemark”, it will also recommend them to their friends or family, this is the beginning of a free information chain that will take your brand. Our reputation is at stake!

Connect your brand 24/7

Some of the purchases arise during non-working hours.It is at that moment that doubts arise about a certain product and the client communicates through chat, however,instead of a person responding, a chatbot can do so.

Without a doubt, having achatbot will make your business grow, because it allows you to respond to your customers at any time of the day, whether they are holidays or weekends. It also saves you time as theycan do repetitive tasks like data collection or FAQs.If you want to know more benefits you canenter here.

WhatsApp: Your main ally

Take advantage of all the benefits of the WhatsApp Business API. Chat with your customers or send them notifications according to their preferences.

WhatsApp is on all cell phonesand what could be better than facilitating the purchase task of a customer by having a significant presence in this application. Now,this does not mean that you are going to use your personal number to sell.

Usability changes a lot, that’s why WhatsApp Business and theWhatsApp Business API were created.Let’s focus on this last tool,because it has more features such as optimizing a chat, integrating your CMR, sending alerts, among others.

Having achatbot in the WhatsApp accountof your business is almost a 50% guaranteed sale due to the ease of interaction that this platform has with users.

Post-sale, an ace up my sleeve

When we close a sale, it does not mean that we have to forget about the client, on the contrary, we must establish an after-sales service to review their respective comments. This is not the time to sell a product,it is the time to sell experience.

This part is about the customer returning to buy from us because he felt the necessary confidence. And we will succeed if we don’t abandon him when he already has the product. Therefore, after your purchase, ask him how it went and if you can help him with any problem he has.

The customer’s response will be valuable to save as part of your history and to know their purchasing behavior in the future.

There are countless methods toimprove our saleson social networks, but let’s always focus on user experience and trust. Managing these two parts well, we will start on the right foot.

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