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Already know you need a gigabit internet plan? Or are you looking to choose an internet provider and plan that’s virtually future proof so you don’t have to go through the process of switching internet providers again? We understand that superior speeds, bandwidth, ping times, and data are all important to you, especially when you’ve already decided to go gigabit. In our Top 5 Gigabit Internet Providers list, we’ve rated them based on monthly price and availability. All providers on our list had to be FTTH (fiber to the home) for maximum bandwidth for your family and with an unlimited data plan. Let’s get started!

1. Verizon FiOS

Availability: Is available in 8 states in the Northeast.

Verizon FiOS, always comes out on top in internet reviews and awards like with PC Magazine and J.D. Power. Their superior speeds and customer service leaves customers happy with minimal hiccups solved quickly. We’ve rated Verizon FiOS first because they’re the best gigabit internet service you can get anywhere in the country and their service has stayed consistent since the conception of FiOS.

Verizon FiOS Gigabit Internet PlanMonthly PriceInternet SpeedData Plan
Gigabit Connection$79.99/Mo.Up To 940 MbpsUnlimited

2. CenturyLink

Availability: Is available in 21 cities mostly in the west.

CenturyLink known for their nearly nationwide DSL internet service has rapidly expanded into fiber to the home internet service for much less than everybody else. We’ve rated CenturyLink second because it’s the best deal on gigabit fiber internet that you can get nationwide. Other providers charge up to $30 more than what CenturyLink charges for the same service. If you can’t get Verizon FiOS and you’re in an urban area, CenturyLink fiber may be available to you. Neither provider’s service areas overlap one another.

CenturyLink Gigabit Internet PlanMonthly PriceInternet SpeedData Plan
Fiber Gigabit$65/Mo.Up To 940 MbpsUnlimited

3. Google Fiber

Availability: Is available in 18 cities across the US including Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, Denver and Salt Lake City.

Readers’ Choice Awards 2020 winner, Google Fiber has been rated first across the board for the best in satisfaction. We’ve rated Google Fiber third because while we recognize their internet service is excellent; if you’re in an area with Google Fiber you also have other options. Google specifically targets areas that urban areas that already have another fiber provider present. The reason for this is so they can cut down the time it takes to get installation going. However, Google Fiber has stopped expanding and there’s no word if they’ll ever start back up.

Google Fiber Gigabit Internet PlanMonthly PriceInternet SpeedData Plan
Gigabit Internet$70/Mo.Up To 1 GbpsUnlimited

4. MetroNet

Availability: Is available in 8 states with all but one in the Midwest.

MetroNet doesn’t joke around when it comes to their no data caps, no long term contracts policies. Although we think if you give MetroNet a try, you’ll be happy and won’t want to leave. We’ve rated MetroNet fourth on our list because their monthly rate is much higher than bigger providers. If you value local service, MetroNet is the gigabit provider for you.

MetroNet Gigabit Internet PlanMonthly PriceInternet SpeedData Plan
MetroNet 1/1 Gbps$89.95/Mo.Up To 1 GbpsUnlimited

5. Frontier FiberOptic

Availability: Is mostly available in 3 states including California, Texas and Florida.

Frontier FiberOptic, formally Frontier FiOS is a good choice for gigabit internet if you’re looking to save a few dollars. We’ve rated Frontier FiberOptic fifth because their service is good if you can get it. Frontier is primarily a rural DSL internet provider with only a handful of communities serviced by their fiber optic plans. Most of their fiber optic service was acquired from Verizon FiOS, although they’re still working on expanding parts of their fiber network to provide better service in their underserved rural areas.

Frontier Gigabit Internet PlanMonthly PriceInternet SpeedData Plan
FiberOptic Gig Service$79.99/Mo.Up To 940 MbpsUnlimited

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