Torrentz, when you cannot afford what you want, software-wise.

There are many times when we want a particular software for emergency reasons and you do not have money to afford it at that point. Maybe there can be a case when you do not want to pay for a game that you have been wanting to play for a while. Maybe some people will consider that being cheap. But you can always go to a torrenting website to find cracked or pirated software that may come to your use when you have no money to spare and support the developers. Some people will consider this stealing but believe me, you can get something for free for a while if you are in shortage of money.


The question may arise, what is torrent? Well, torrents are well-built file metadata containing computer files. The metadata consists of files and where they are going to be distributed. They also contain a list of network location for trackers. Trackers are computers that help other computers to become participants that distribute the parts of a particular file. These groups are called swarms. The torrent file does not actually carry the data that needs to be distributed. It only contains the information regarding the data and also the information where the data can actually be fetched from. The data information may contain the file name, size, and the structure of the folder and values that can help in verifying the integrity of the data. The context differs though, you can either use the term torrent to actually define the metadata or you can use it to define the files that have been downloaded.

What are torrent sites and what are they used for?

Torrent sites are websites that distribute torrents that have been uploaded by a group of people so that other people can download the data that has been linked to it. some of the most popular examples are torrentz2, kickass torrentz2, the pirate bay, etc. Mostly torrenting is made to make possible internet piracy and also copyright infringement. The whole system of torrent file sharing is not inherently very legal in ways. The movies, games or software that you find in torrenting websites are copyrighted material and they are not totally legal to be torrented. If you are actually downloading anything via torrent from these websites you are actually breaking the law. But what you do is actually your responsibility and you are doing it on your lookout.

Some of the best torrent sites

ThePirateBay: this website has been a classic. It is also one of the most popular ones on the web. This website has been here for a long time and all the torrents that are found on this website have been very much one way or the other, trusted.

RARBG: this website is great for anyone who wants to torrent movies. This website is also linked to so you can find this website when searching for torrents in torrentz2 as well. if you are a movie enthusiast then this torrent site is best for you as it is filled with numerous high-quality videos that may help you find your favorite movie.

Torrentz2 EU: the predecessor of this website was unfortunately shut down by the US government but this new website lives on its name. Maybe it is not as OP as its ancestors but it still is pretty amazing and

you should definitely try it to find torrents when you are not feeling the right mood to go through the swamp waters yourselves. It is a good indexing website that offers the same torrents as the other ones but gives you options about which website to choose from. May the torrentz2 search engine live on the name!

Kickasstorrentz2: this is another successor of the famous website called kickass torrents that was actually shut down with by the US government. The torrent qualities are still high but the site is not as smooth as it used to be. The making has been poor as the makers are not as experienced as before but one thing that can be assured is that a kickass torrentz2 download is high quality.


There can be many moments when you may find out that a torrent site has been blocked off in your country. In many places torrentz2. EU is actually blocked off. What should be done now? Well there are many websites that offer you the torrentz2 proxy that will help you access the website even though it is blocked. There are many websites that offer Torrentz2 proxy – List of torrentz2 mirrorsthat will help you access the website. So here we have discussed what torrent sites are and how you can torrent. Even though this is not very legal, many people in the world keep the practice going and maybe you can too but on your own lookout.

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