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Kickass Proxy and Kickass Torrent Mirror Sites

Launched in the year November 2008, KickAss torrents was a huge name when it comes to peer-to-peer file sharing via BitTorrent. Within 6 years of its inception, KickAss torrents became the most popular and most visited BitTorrent directory. The reason for its huge popularity was the database it served with. It has got the magnet links of torrent files that allowed people to download their favorite movies easily. This platform was seized by the US government due to copyright infringement of the site’s design. Its ban led to the disappointment of millions of users. You can make idea about the popularity of KickAss torrent by that there was a time when the numbers of visitors were more than The Pirate Bay.

You might have heard about a saying “when a door closes for you, another one opens”. The same is the case here with KickAss, though the site was banned yet many proxies were made available. This article will talk about some KickAss proxies that can be used for peer-to-peer file sharing.

What is a proxy site or server?

A proxy server is a kind of intermediary platform that works between the source and the user. It hides the true location from where the request is made to the source. In other terms, a proxy site is a web tool that allows its users to use the internet anonymously. This means using proxy does not reveal your true IP address to the site you are visiting. This is why proxy sites have gained a lot of attention.

Similarly, you can use KickAss torrent’s proxy for getting access to that site without showing your original identity.

Why KickAss proxy sites are required?

This might be the strange question to ask, but many people have it in their mind despite knowing that KickAss torrent is blocked. No method exists to unblock KickAss torrent. So, using KickAss proxy sites is the only way of accessing torrent files. By using proxies that host torrent files, users can download their favorite movies, games, TV shows, and web series easily. These sites will provide you with the magnet links that you can click for downloading the content. After the original KickAss site was blocked, there was a rush of proxy sites and many of them gained so much attention.

Only frequent torrent users would have known why KickAss torrents became so popular among other similar platforms. Its popularity is the only reason why proxy sites of KickAss are being searched for. Let us look at a list of KickAss proxy sites.

These above-mentioned are some of the proxy sites for KickAss where you can get your favorite content for downloading. There are many more such sites available that you can try.

Security concerns

Using shortcuts or alternatives often come with certain security issues that need to be addressed. There are several issues with KickAss proxies as well. There is a risk of spam & virus attacks to your system, especially if you land up on the wrong page. Possibilities of theft of personal information are also there. This is done by the third-party which might use your identity to engage in illegal activities. That might lend you up in trouble. So, smartness lies in using them cautiously.

How to use proxies safely?

One of the best ways to use KickAss or other proxy sites safely is by using a VPN. A virtual private network will mask your original IP address and location. In this way your personal information will remain safe & secure hence you will be able to access KickAss proxy sites safely. A VPN is always handy when it comes to using any suspicious site that could harm your data.


Technology is becoming so advanced that there have been alternatives to almost everything. This is the only reason why people have got access to some sites that have been blocked by concerned authorities. Numerous proxies appear over the internet that helps users a lot. KickAss torrent is no exception, though it was blocked in 2016 yet people can use proxies to download their favorite movies or websites. Though there are some risks yet they cannot overdo the benefits proxies provide. Choose wisely & smartly and enjoy your free time by watching the web series or movies you like. If you don’t have those movies in your collection, you better know from where and how to download.

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