Essential Apps For Android Users

The world is advancing at a fast pace and with everything growing exceptionally digital, how can one forget about mobile phones. The handy gadget that has made life simpler in every aspect. From essential utilities like an alarm clock and torchlight to keeping in touch with the loved ones from across the globe, mobile phones have made life more comfortable.

Well, it is not just the mobile phones that have made life easy but the applications that come handy to be installed in the mobiles. Explore the Google Play Store on your phone, and you will find it exploded with a wide variety of applications available.

From gaming and fitness tracker apps to the music store and productivity-enhancing apps, these are changing lives in a significant way.

Talking of mobile applications; this article will take you on the run down to a list of essential apps for any mobile phone. These apps will pave your way to a comfortable life.

So, without wasting a moment anymore, let’s scroll down.

#1. Dropbox

Dropbox is the best application to sync files to and from your portable device. The best thing about this app is that you never have to find yourself without access to any important data because it works across the web, windows, iOS, macOS and of course, Android.

You may use Dropbox to back up your videos and photos to the cloud and keep the vital set of notes and PDFs with you.

#2. Pocket

In the hustle-bustle of daily life, it is difficult to take some time out and catch up on all those important articles available online. Well, you do not have to worry about that anymore because Pocket is right here.

This app lets you save all important articles from any browser on your tablet, mobile and computer. You also get an option to sync the articles to make them accessible when you are offline.

#3. SwiftKey

No one has ever complained about the keyboard that came in their phone but no one would also deny taking typing to the next level. So, if you want to take your typing to the next level, then SwiftKey is the app you need to install in your phone.

This app picks up the names, slangs, and phrases you generally use. It also uses the information to provide autocorrect and text predictions. Not only this, this app gives you access to Emojis and GIFs, offer many colour themes, and support multiple languages.

#4. Google Podcast

Google’s recent incursion into podcasting applications strikes a perfect balance between simplicity and functionality. Besides playing your favourite shows, it syncs your listening across the devices, and the supported device includes Google home speakers.

The best part is that the interface is clutter-free, which makes it easy to discover new podcasts.

Tip to consider- If you like to discover and listen to podcasts, then this app is all you need. Well, just in case, if your phone does not operate smoothly and you are looking forward to switching it with a new one, then you may rent mobile phones online.

Renting will help you save a lot of money otherwise invested in buying a new phone, and the return of the device is easy.

Have you ever wondered what makes a good mobile ordering appthat will keep customers coming back for more? There are a lot of them on the market that are not very well planned out or offer customers a service that is not helpful to them. When you find an app that offers something different or that makes your life easier you should take a closer look. By doing so you will be able to make sure that you are satisfied with your next purchase and have found the best mobile ordering application.

#5. Evernote

Gone are the days when people use to carry a pen and paper with them to jot down important things. The present era is modern, and everything has gone digital. So is the task of jotting essential ideas down.

With Evernote on your phone, you can scribble memos, random thoughts, schedule and anything you want to note. The best thing that this app has to offer is that you can sort your documents into notebooks and label them with custom tags, so they become easily accessible.

#6. Sleep As Android

In the present era, people like to stay updated about their fitness pattern and regime, which has raised the demand for fitness tracking watches and other gadgets. The main concern here is that these gadgets are way too expensive to be easily afforded by everyone.

Well, the problem has been solved by this fantastic app. This app helps in tracking your sleeping patterns. When you place your phone by your side while sleeping, this app monitors movement and noise to see how well you sleep.

#7. CamScanner

There are many apps available these days that allow your phone’s camera to digitize paper documents. Well, out of all the apps available, only a few are as powerful as CamScanner. This app lets you enhance and crop an image in just a few seconds, leaving you with a digital document which is well aligned and easy to read.

#8. Snapseed

In a world full of people highly obsessed with Instagram and Facebook, who would not like to use an app for editing their photos in the best possible way. With a lot of photo editing apps available on Google Play Store, Snapseed has managed to create a different identity.

This app lets you tweak your photo just as you want. From removing any object in the picture to adding a filter and adjusting colours, this app offers it all.

The best thing? You do not have to spend a penny to use this app.

Over to You

The world has digitally evolved, and it is almost next to impossible for anyone to survive without a mobile phone. Since this little gadget has made life easier in every way (as mentioned earlier), these applications make things more comfortable.

If you are a gadget geek and always look out for the best applications to use, then the apps as mentioned above are all you need to have in your phone.

From photo editing to keep the essential notes and tracking your sleep, these will serve all your needs.

So, install these now and live life differently on the go.

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