Types and Sources of Water Contamination

Water Contamination

The water you are using to drink and use in other works has to be pure and any kind of contamination-free. In this matter, if there is no purifying system you have in your home or office then you need to contact at the Aquafresh customer care number and ensure the flow of purified drinking water.

There are many types of water available and not all kinds are purified rather they are mixed with various pollutants that are certainly harmful to our body. However, there is also a solution for these impurities and the same will always provide you the best drinking water, but before you go for the solution which is a water purifier you need to know the types of pollutants are removed by the same.

Sand, sediment, and silt

If you are using tanker, for which the water comes from underground, you must know that there will be sediment, and sand in it and you can’t possibly drink that water or use them for cooking as well. A good water purifier always makes sure that your drinking water is free from all of these elements and thus it provides you with the best pure water.

Removes fluoride

RO purifiers are capable of removing fluoride from water because it has activated carbon particles in it which sucks out this harmful element from the water and making it fluoride-free. RO is capable of removing 90% of the harmful elements.


The filter in a water purifier, especially in the RO system is always highly effective in removing any kind of chemical from the drinking water and making it safe. If you are having municipal water in your house or office, then some types of chemicals get infused with the flow and when you are drinking it straight out of the tap, it is going inside your body and might create health complication as well. To save yourself from the same, you need a good purifier, RO is the best in this case, and you can connect the purifier with the tap and get the best and pure drinking water.

Away from chlorine

Almost every municipal water uses chlorine in the water to decontaminate the source, but the elements of this stay in the water and it’s not good for your health. A good water purifier removes every single remnant of chlorine from the flow and makes the water safe for drinking.

Removes iron and sulfur

When your drinking water has iron and sulfur in the water, the water containers tend to get red and the water isn’t that safe anymore. These very things are removed if you have a water purifier in the home or office. Iron and sulfur are good for health but it isn’t necessary to stay in your drinking water and thus remove the same with a water purifier.

The sources of contamination

Surface water: This is the source that covers at least 70% of the earth, and it’s filled with oceans, rivers, and lakes. You will get to see the proportion from the world map, and it’s pointed by blue. The recent scenario is that the lakes, rivers are polluted to a degree, where it’s never safe for swimming, drinking or fishing. The pollution comes from phosphates, is the leading type of contamination in these freshwater sources. The water that gets discharged from various industries has a good amount of toxins in it. In here, the everyday waste which is dumped into the water bodies is another part of surface contamination.
Groundwater: At the time of rainfall, the water seeps deep into the earth, and it fills the cracks, and spaces of it. This is the thing that becomes groundwater, and it’s the most important source from all the other. For so many people this is the source of freshwater in their area, but the same gets polluted by the fertilization of the corps, landfills. These actions make the water unsafe for human use. Once this gets polluted, it can spread to other places and can contaminate lakes, streams, and even oceans.
Transboundary: The contamination of water cannot be shown by a map. The Transboundary pollution is when water from one country spills into the other source. This kind of thing can happen because of a disaster, such as spilling of oil, municipal discharge, agricultural faults or downriver creep of industries.
Agricultural contamination: The agricultural sector the largest consumer of global freshwater resources. This is also the reason for serious water pollution. In so many countries, this is at the top of contamination, and its main source is the various lakes. The very moment it rains the fertilizers, pesticides, the waste from animals mixes with the water sources, and it has a huge amount of nitrogen and phosphorus, which goes into the air as well. The result we get is the enhancement of toxins in nature and the production of blue-green algae, which is harmful to people and wildlife both.
Sewage water: This is the used water, which comes from shower, toilets, industries and agricultural activities. If you didn’t know then, for your information, 80% of wastewater goes back to the environment, and it’s never even reused. Fortunately in recent days, so mnt industries have taken this issue seriously, and they are using the wastewater again by refining them.
Radioactive pollution : Radioactive pollution emits radiation beyond what is naturally released by the environment. This very thing is generated by uranium mining, nuclear power plants, and the production and testing of various military weapons. Radioactive waste can stay in the environment for thousands of years, and its disposal is a hard task.
Ocean water: Eighty percent of ocean pollution happens on land. The contaminants such as chemicals, nutrients, and heavy metals are carried from farms, factories, and cities by streams and rivers into the bays. From those places, the pollutants travel out to sea. In here, the marine debris, especially, plastic is blown in by the wind or washed in via storm drains and sewers.

Last not least, water purifiers are best at removing pesticides too and in case of an RO, it works miraculously and makes water the purest one. Thus, you understand the impurities water purifier removes and you also got the idea which system to install as well.

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