Short Haircuts for Men to Transform Your Looks

Short Haircuts for Men

In the past, fashion was mostly associated with women. They cared a lot about how they dressed and their hairstyles. Nowadays, men are also embracing fashion, and as they choose stylish clothes to wear, they make sure that they go for vintage barbering styles such as modern short haircuts for men.

Men have become aware of their looks and realized that looking good brings comfort and more confidence. However, the trending short haircuts for men are many, and choosing one could be confusing. Some require you to have a certain head shape, and others are picky with the type of hair you have. Besides, some haircuts are not selective to the head shape or hair type.

This is one of the short haircuts for men that barbers have done on their clients for decades, and it never goes out of fashion. They achieve this haircut by fading the sides and leaving longer hair at the top. The hairstyle is not choosy to a person’s hairstyle. You can also choose a combed back pompadour to get a different look from the rest. This hairstyle is a good choice for people with round and square faces and wants to add shape to their face.

  • Spiky Top With Mid Fade

One of the best ways to style your hair as a man is to leave some length at the top and fade your sides. To maintain the boyish style, use hair gel to hold the style together.

  • Messy Spikes With Low Fade

You will never go wrong with a fade if you have a natural lift and huge hair volume. To add more style to the fade, combine it with a messy top. The spikes stay in place all day long if you apply some product to them. Your top hair will be looking cool with defined ends that are soft to touch.

  • Temple Fade

This hairstyle suits people with natural hair. You can make it more noticeable by adding a line-up. If you are a naturalist and want a hairstyle that is easy to maintain, you can go with this one. Shape your beard well to make your hairstyle pop.

  • Cowlick Hair

You do not have to try too much to style cowlick hair. A little work into it will turn heads. It goes well with coarse hair, and to make it pop more, get an undercut. Ask your stylist to show you the best hair products to keep your style alive.

  • Taper Cut

With this style, the barber leaves some volume at the top and decreases volume at the side and back. However, you have to maintain this style with a hair product and regularly wash it with shampoo. If you fail to take care of it, it will not be as beautiful as you would want it.

  • Tapered Undercut With Added Height

Men treasure volume and height in the short haircuts for men they choose. To ensure there is a coveted lift in your roots, ask your barber for a faded undercut. According to MensHaircuts, mix that with styled pomp. To add style to it, you can add the ocean-like waves that are achieved using a round brush and hairdryer. These waves will make your faded sides more visible.

  • Skin Fade For Balding Men

Some men are bald because of aging, while others are due to their genes. This is something you cannot control, but you can make it less noticeable with a hairstyle. A skin fade will be the best to go for if you are in such a situation.

  • Fade Haircut

Your barber will shave the lower part of your head and trim the top to a shape. To make it more noticeable, go for a taper fade that is longer than the usual fade or one that almost resembles Mohawk. Ensure you let your barber know if you want longer hair at the top before he starts the shave. For a more bold style, you can opt to do the fade on the sides alone and try different styles at the top.

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