Why design a communication plan for Social Networks?

Social Networks

Strategy is key to obtaining results

On many occasions we have talked in this blog about the benefits of having an expert in social networks within the company or hired externally. Today we are going to analyze the actions that should be included in acommunication strategydesigned exclusively for social networks.

Before starting, we must be aware of the importance ofthe communication planalso for the RRSS since having a positive and effective presence in the 2.0 world makes the image of the brand improve in the eyes of consumers.

Many consumers qualify a company as modern and innovative, for the simple fact of having a profile on networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube … and, it is common that, for the same reason, its products or services they are awarded a quality label. This reaction is mainly due to the power ofnotoriety, that is, when a brand sounds better to us, it seems more reliable; however, if it is unknown, it creates mistrust.

A positive brand reputation helps increase business website traffic as well as attract new customers and build loyalty with old ones. We cannot forget thatsocial networksare direct communication channels with consumers and also help us as a brand to increase our visibility and strengthen ties with our target audience because an exchange of information is created, there is two-way communication. If the brand knows how to listen to the voice of its consumers, it will lead them to adapt their products or services to their tastes and needs.


Many times we receive inquiries from companies that seek to know what actions cannot be missing in theircommunication plans for social networks, we have made a small guide with those key points that cannot be missing:

  • Determine and set the objectives to be achieved.
  • Choose those social networks that you want to use, previously analyzing their possibilities, their audience and their form of communication (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest…).
  • Determine the messages to be published as well as the tone to be used in each of the profiles.
  • Plan a calendar and set the actions to be carried out taking into account the current situation, the sector, the seasonality of the products, the interests of the company and the users …
  • Select topics of interest to our clients, choose those that arouse interest in our audience and create content adapted to the users of each social network.
  • Detect the influencers of our sector in each of the social networks and collaborate with them.
  • Monitor all the activity in the different profiles.
  • Assess the results of each action and obtain conclusions that help us design and plan new strategies.

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