How to level up faster in Fortnite? Different ways to earn XPs and Rewards


Everyone knows that leveling up the Fortnite Account is a part of the gameplay, but is there any way to do it faster than average? Now, 2021 has begun and players start searching for different ways to level up their account and take their gaming experience to the next level. Undoubtedly, Fortnite is considered as one of the best Battle Royale video games that pit you against 100 players to be the last standing player. 

Moreover, leveling up your account isn’t as easy as players are considering, because it requires you to fulfill several requirements and unlock several rewards. Furthermore, if you are willing to reveal ways how to earn all the rewards and cosmetic items in the Fortnite Battle Pass, then make your focus on playing the game, complete challenging missions, and keep earning XPs. Apart from that, you must follow some tips and tricks we share with you in this article. 

Complete Daily Challenges 

Fortnite keeps updating the list of daily challenges that you have to complete if you want to level up your account. The game features several playable characters, but they have different requirements to level up. Your aim should be focused on leveling your account, and upon getting achieved a new level will leave you amazing rewards and prizes. If you can’t waste your time in achieving a high level, then you should visit the other marketplaces to purchase already fully-grown account of your choice. 

Login to your Account Daily

As you login to your account, the game gives you a new challenge to complete, and you can choose a max of three tasks to complete at once. Once they are completed, you can claim catchy items while fishing to search treasure chests in a unique location. Completion of each one will reward you with a hefty amount of experience points each time. 

Accomplish Challenges and Earn Rewards with Battle Pass

Did you know? In previous seasons, it was compulsory to purchase a battle pass for the completion of missions and weekly challenges. Now, it’s not vital, and you can complete new missions every week to earn up to 52,000 XP per challenge. It means you can crab over 500K XP every week. 

Play with Friends to complete Challenges Speedily

Upon finding yourself helpless in completing specific challenges and missions, you should ask your friends to jump in to help. The game features a Party Assist feature that means you can ask squadmates to overcome specific challenges. 

Unlock Medals for XP Boosts

You might familiar with Medals as they are small achievements the game uses to reward you for completing a specific task. You can easily grab medals while playing the game, although you have to complete specific objectives first. The game features a bundle of tasks that you can complete to start your punchcard, from surviving longer during the challenging match to make high kills and find treasure chests. 

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