What is the Best Small SUV on the Market?

With the popularity of SUVs, what is the best small SUV out there?

There are actually quite a few options if you think about it. You could go with a Honda CR-Z or even a Toyota hatchback, but are they practical enough to work around the city and on long roads? Or are they just large enough to drive from the house to the mall and back again?

We tackled this last question earlier in the article when we looked at trim levels and cargo space, but now we also look at utility. What is the best small suv for the town and for work? What type of vehicle is most comfortable to live in and handle? utility is the key word here. There are actually many different types of small suvs for every type of driver, so let’s take a look at what makes each model great.

For city use and short-term cargo space needs, the Honda CR-Z is a great choice. Not only is it roomy inside, but the compact styling and powerful engine allow it to be a fantastic commuter car as well as an everyday small suv. If you like a clean, straight line vehicle that gets great gas mileage, but you also like the idea of having a small, roomy interior and plenty of storage room, then the CR-Z is a really well rounded choice.

When it comes to utility, the Ford Escape is king. I think it is safe to say that the Ford Escape actually has everything a person could ask for in a small SUV. The Escape comes with great gas mileage, a great interior, excellent trim levels and tons of trunk space. If you have more than a few people in your family that need to ride around in your Ford Escape, I highly recommend going with the CVT trims. These trims not only allow you to mount larger diameter tires on your front wheels, but they also help keep the undercarriage stable, making your drive much safer. Also, these larger diameter tires allow your engine to do what it is supposed to, run on fuel, which means less expense and more bang for your buck.

One of the hottest small suv vehicles right now is the Toyota Prius, and it is no surprise that this vehicle is set to be one of the biggest sellers of all time. The Toyota Prius is not only a great commuter car, but it is also a great city car that gets great gas mileage, is quiet and suave, and even has some high speed features that set it apart from other small suVs and trucks. It just goes to show that when you really stop to think about it, small SUVs are not really all that small.

The Toyota Prius is also set to be one of the first ever hybrid, small suv vehicles, which is a big deal for a couple of reasons. First off, if a car can be a hybrid, then what is to say that a small crossover suv can’t be one as well? Second off, there are so many hybrid vehicles on the market today that it is not as hard to find a good hybrid to go with a good SUV, especially since the new Toyota Prius is expecting to receive the hybrid version of its name in the very near future. So why is the new Toyota Prius such a big deal? The simple answer is its hybrid power, but let’s be a little more detailed. It is estimated that the Prius will get about 7 miles per gallon when used as a pure hybrid, but since the car gets its power from its electric motor, it will only be able to get to about 6 miles per gallon in its normal daily capacity when using its electric power alone, which is quite impressive by itself.

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