Practical guide to write commercial texts on the Internet

commercial texts

When we create our website we give great importance to its design. The style, the layout, the colors, the images or the type of font are relevant elements to attract users. However, we must not forget the content, since it is in this where the information that is of interest to the reader appears.

Although writing on the Internet is not very different from doing it offline, it is important to know some characteristics about how to consume information on the network.

In this sense, we are going to start with a practical guide that can help us when writing content for the web in an effective way, keeping in mind 3 aspects:

  1. It must attract attention: The first paragraph and the title are the most important part of the text and it has to attract the reader.
  2. Arouse interest: In the body of the text, speak directly to the reader and create expectations about what they are going to read next. It is important to identify the needs that satisfy our product or service and show the solution to the customer’s problems.
  3. Apply the well-known “call to action” technique: With it, you want to attract potential customers and convert them into final customers. Within the text, a form must be created on a destination page orlanding pageso that the user, once they have read the text, connects with us.

What peculiarities do web readers have?

In order to create effective texts, it is necessary to know what the behavior of the reader is before anonlinetext .

1. Information consumption is fast

One of the big differences between a paper text and a digital one is the speed with which users consume the content. Readers demand immediate but quality information, so an attractive title and a catchy first paragraph will be needed. These elements will be the key for them to choose your text among so many others that circulate on the Internet.

2. Entertaining texts

Look for simple formulas so that the text is not long and tedious. We recommend that you use between 600 and 700 words.

Remember that excessive adjectives, subordinate phrases or very complex structures make the text slow and make the reader stop reading.

3. Visual text

Internet users do a visual scan of the texts in the form of F, that is, they perform a quick reading by scrolling from top to bottom on the left side of the screen and then, they sweep horizontally.

To help in this reading, the use of highlighted words, “ladillos”, that is, subsections that speed up reading or lists, is essential.

4. Hypertextual texts

It is important to take advantage of some of the advantages of digital texts, such as the use of hyperlinks. Link the words with other websites and let the reader navigate through them to expand their knowledge.

Remember that it is important to link these words with publications on your own website so that there is a greater number of visits. However, it is advisable to use external links as well, as linking to referring sites increases the credibility of your page. To do this, we recommend that the link be opened in a new tab to prevent the user from leaving your website.

5. Interact

Interaction with users is very important in online texts. There are some formulas for this that can help you create closer texts. Among some of the options we find the suggestions to leave a comment at the end of the post, the option to share or like.

If before starting to create commercial texts what you need is to create your own web page, you can find some advice in this article .

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