5 Reasons to Consider Solar Power for Business

Solar Power

Many businesses are taking advantage of solar power on the strength of the cost savings alone, which can be up to seventy-five percent depending on the size of the business. In fact, in 2020, forty-three percent of all the new electric capacity added to the grid was added by solar, the largest share in the history of the industry! In the past decade, total solar generation in the United States jumped from 0.1% to over 3%!

What are some of the benefits of having your business go solar? Why are so many businesses taking advantage? Read on to learn five great reasons to consider solar power for your business.

1. Lowering Overhead

There are many cost associated with running a business, including utilities, insurance, or property maintenance. If you switch your business to solar,
then you eliminate electricity costs. You just have tofind the best solar companiesthat will show you your energy requirements, financing options and whatrebates or incentives you may qualify for. You can also check the reviews for the solar companies in bakersfield ca and save thousands of dollars by locking inyour rates.

2. Sustainability and Longevity

One of the benefits of using solar in your business is the ability to sell your extra power. You are investing in your bottom line with solar energy, as with a self-contained system, the more power you generate, the more power you can sell back to the grid. This makes changing your business into a more sustainable model to lower your electricity consumption a real investment in your future. It’s also worth noting that you can now choose betweenleasing or buying the solar panels, which opens up additional options.

3. Energy Independence

Switching to solar means you are much less dependent on commercial entities for your power. With modern hacking threats to the commercial grid, it is a good idea to lessen your reliance on the grid. This also helps if you are in a more remote area where access is less reliable.

4. Tax Benefits

The primary reward from switching to solar is the tax benefits you can get from all levels of government. You can get the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), and Accelerated Depreciation, in which you can take all the deductions from the life of the solar off on your taxes the year you install it. These are guaranteed by the government to encourage investment in solar power.

5. Continuous Return on Investment

While the initial costs can be high, solar can pay for itself in a couple of years. Your business will benefit from lower electric bills, and from selling excess energy back to the grid. All these things give your business a solid advantage in the years to come.

When it is time to find a solar company, remember to pick one that has all the government certifications and the correct insurance. You’ll want to pick one with the best reviews and the best track record with installations. Don’t miss out on this great investment in the future of your business.

Solar Power for Business

There are several amazing benefits for your business to go solar. From cutting your overhead to the great tax benefits, equipping your business for solar power makes good business sense. Talk to your local solar provider today!

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