Obvious Differences between a Glass and a Plastic Screen Protector

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Nowadays, because of the fact that money is hard to find, people are kind of always securing their things. Even if they have to spend more money, they are willing to do just so, their more expensive things will be protected. Like for example when it comes to their mobile phones, there are now some protective accessories that one can use like casings, jackets and screen protectors. This article will talk aboutscreen protectorand which is a better option. There are two types of screen protectors available in the market and they are the glass and plastic screen protectors.

What are their differences?


There is an obvious margin when it comes to the price. Of course the glass screen protectors are far more expensive compared to the plastic ones though for sure, everyone knows why. In fact, there are those who overlook this difference.


Without having to think that much, it is quite obvious that a glass protector is tougher. Note that even the most expensive plastic protector can’t compete with the glass protector. A plastic protector is just 0.1mm thickness while a glass protector is typically 0.3mm or 0.5mm.

The Feel

Plastic screen protector can’t still get an edge over the glass protector even in this aspect. Though of course it might just feel smooth at the start, but in time, your screen will look blurry and it will easily generate scratches. That is not the same with glass protector though as you won’t feel any difference at all. Your display will feel just like when you did not use the protector. Yes, it feels just the same as your original screen.

The Look

For those who want thinner smart phones, the use of glass screen protector might not be that aesthetically appealing for them. Of course your phone will look thicker with the glass protector on compared when you will just use the plastic protector. However, there is a slight difference and this will still depend on the preferences of the owner.

Ease of installation

We all know how hard it is to install plastic screen protector and in fact, there are even times when we just let the supplier deal with the installation. But that is not the case with the glass protector though as because of the fact that it is sturdy, it can be installed easily. You only need to ensure that the screen of the phone is clear of any dust.

As you can see, the glass protectors are better in a number of ways and if you think about it, most common reasons why a phone is damaged is because it fell. If you don’t want to experience the same thing, you should protect your phone with a glass screen protector. Even if your phone falls real hard, the display will still be intact though the screen protector might be broken. But then again, it is just doing its role.

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