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Voice Search

In 2010, Google initially launched voice search. It was a fun experiment for Google trying to adapt voice search. Back then, the users were asked to call a number and say the keywords for search and would get a message to the page link. WordPress optimization is something that is a vital part of SEO. The advent of artificial intelligence has changed the way we handle devices such as mobiles and laptops. Don’t you think speaking is better than typing? SEO will undergo a lot of changes in voice search optimization.

Technology has advanced so much that the user has an option to simply ask the gadgets for the needed information. We all know that voice search will have an impact on SEO. The article will deal with the voice search optimisation for WordPress.

All the above said points must be reader-friendly not just an optimization that is machine friendly.

Long-tail words are becoming more conversational and specific with the advent of voice search. An important WordPress optimization is that the focus should be laid on the search queries of long-tail keywords. Key phrases must be formed by carefully understanding the user’s thoughts.

Think through the questions that you may probably ask for avoice search plugin for WordPresswhile searching content and try incorporating the keywords accordingly. It is all about exploring and experimenting with the words.

  • Take efforts in optimizing to position zero

In case ofsearch not working in WordPress, Google helps the users answer most of the questions; hence you need to keep your reader engaged on your site. As there is no clear way to go for position zero optimization, there are few things that you can do to make the user stay on your site.

  • The focus must be laid on the questions that the user is trying to ask behind the keyword. Try to ask all possible questions for the targeted keyword.
  • Keep your answers short while answering the questions. It is better to use headings, numbers, bullet points, etc to make it reader-friendly
  • The heading and the titles of the content you are posting must be optimized in a way that gives a direct answer to the question.
  • The creation of the Q/A section would be advantageous for the user in asking questions, making sure that the answers are concise.

These are some guidelines that can be followed in the optimization of WordPress.

  • Increase the quality of readability

Technology has grown to the extent that virtual assistants also read your posts and not just human beings. The content needs to be easy to understand, comprehend, and scanned without hassle which makes the user stay on your site. The quality of readability matters in SEO.

Incase you are facing difficulties to add voice search on WordPress, there is an easy fix for that. There is a free plugin called WP Fastest Site Search by Expertrec which lets you add a voice search for free! Installing and activating will add Voice search on your WordPress.

These days’ people search more on mobile devices, hence, it is important to lay the focus on how optimization can be done on mobile phones. Some users still search using keywords, but voice search has an impact in the coming years.

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