Improve these 6 elements on your Facebook page to have higher conversions

Facebook pages

Having an Internet presence is a necessity today if you want your business to be successful. Among thedigital marketing strategiesthat have gained the most strength in recent years are social networks. These are the most used because they are very accessible and intuitive and also because they give their corporate users endless benefits at a relatively acceptable cost.

In addition,social networksare one of those strategies that can be executed internally, that is, without necessarily hiring someone to manage them for you -although this is the most recommended-. In case your current budget does not allow you to hire professionals to manage your accounts in the RRSS,put these Gananci strategies into practiceso that you can have good results with the use of them.

There are many social networks, but among the main ones,Facebookstands out , since it is the most used platform worldwide with its 2.2 billion monthly active users. This platform offers very interesting functionalities for its corporate users, which makes it very attractive for brands. But not everyone gets the same results. Why?

Here are some elements of your corporate Facebook page that you can improve to get more conversions (which can be data, sales, depending on the objectives you have set for yourself):


Your profile information must be completely filled out. In order for you to get customers through Facebook, you must instill trust in users through that same platform. To do this, start by havinga complete profilewhere people can obtain all the information about your brand.

The link of your website, a good description and a well-fed and quality page should be the priority before worrying about starting to invest money in the ads.


Keep in mind that you need to deliver content to your audience that is both interesting and relevant. For this you must know who thataudience is, so you can satisfy their tastes.

A mistake that many beginners fall into when managing corporate accounts is that they only use it to promote the brand, leaving aside thecontent of valuefor the public. In other words, don’t give the public only what you want them to consume, give them what they want to consume so that you can have better results.


Brands have anidentityand it must be appreciated on all platforms where it is present. This way you will achieve user loyalty.

You express thepersonalitythat your brand has not only through the words, but also in the colors you use, the tone of your publications, their style and more. Keep in mind that each of the Facebook functions that you use to communicate are tools that have the potential to help you show your brand’s personality.


As communication on social networks istwo-way, youneed to do everything in your power to make your users interact.

If when sharing a publication nothing happens (zero comments, reactions or shares) it means that you are not reaching your audience, you are not being attractive enough for users to want tointeract, which is not good at all.

To improve in this aspect use calls to action, dynamics and study the statistics of your page to know the content and the format that are most successful among users, so you can make more use of them or apply what the posts have in common successful in allpublications.

Attractive images

With this we are not referring only to banners. Are the images on your corporate Facebook page attractive enough for your audience? Do they look professional or casual? The visual is one of the fundamentals of networks, so you must take it as a priority and not skimp on resources.

The lighting must be good, the composition of the images and not only the photographs, but the frames of each video must be of good quality. If you want to improve your corporate Facebook page, take a look at the general image of it. Do you like what you see? Is it consistent with the personality of the brand? A goodimageand quality designs can make an incredible difference.


Facebook has various features such as: images, gifs, videos, live broadcasts, and 10 different ad formats. Take advantage of them and do not always use the same ones, so you can have a more dynamic page. Get out of your comfort zone and don’t let evolution beat you, stay up to date.

If in addition to improving your Facebook business page you want tosellthrough that platform,follow this Gananci tutorialthat will give you the instructions to do so.

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