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Eachsocial networkhas its audience and brands should not be obsessed with having profiles in the most popular ones, but rather look for those that their target uses. A logical argument, but in practice it tends to be one of the main mistakes made by SMEs in social media.

There are many social platforms and some are governed by the laws of aesthetics, beauty, creativity … as is the case withInstagram. A network that can be a great promoter of the image of a brand but we can also find proposals from professionals who are not currently active and use this social network to move their curriculum vitae through images. And as the saying goes: “to show a button” so a good way to show your work if you are a photographer, stylist, designer, architect, interior designer, etc. is to teach it and if by the way you can accompany that image with a group ofhasthtagsthat help you make it viral, all the better!

As we have said before, social networks are part of our day to day, which is whycommunication agenciesexplain to us that the best way to get the most out of them is to locate those that best fit our needs and are used by our target audience. Social platforms are a great speaker for brands and they also open doors to new opportunities. Learn to take advantage of them!


When presenting ourselves on Instagram, it is advisable to bebrief and concise. A phrase that defines us as professionals, plus a couple ofhashtagsthat we always use will be enough for them to know us and see our work.

When including aprofile photo, please keep it up to date, and that it is in line with our profession. In other words, if we design bags we can appear with a couple of them. If we are advertising creatives we can put a funny posture, include a text bubble or a light bulb, something that attracts attention. On the other hand, if we dedicate ourselves to a much more “corseted” field, it is preferable to appear in a suit and tie, as well as with a formal body posture.

The importance of content

When it comes to generating content for Instagram, not everything goes. It is essential that the images are of quality and are well cared for. In addition, despite the fact that there are manyfiltersto improve the photographs, it is not advisable to abuse them so as not to distort the image. On the other hand, uploading a snapshot with thehashtag#sinfiltros provides an aura of truthfulness and wins the appreciation of instagramers.

It is also important not to mixpersonaland professionalprofiles. If we want to give a serious and responsible image, it is better that among our work there are no photos of the last party we attended or of our children’s birthday. Unless we are responsible for the catering or decoration of these celebrations and they serve as a letter of introduction to our work

If you want to reach as many people as possible, you have to make sure that we do not have theprivacybutton activated , so everyone who wants can take a look at our wall.

And let’s not forget to think before posting. Having astrategyand not getting carried away by impulses is usually the best way to go for a social media plan to be successful.

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